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How Do I Choose The Right Search Marketing Consultant?

Blogs, online news sites, forums and articles are all excellent online resources for staying up to date with the latest online trends. The best digital marketers in the field spend a lot of time making sure that their knowledge is up to date, as the online world is not one where you would want to fall behind, especially if it is the craft that you sell professionally.

How Do I Choose The Right Search Marketing Consultant?


This is one of the first considerations you should consider when you are on the hunt for a new AdWords Consultant. Whether you choose to go with an individual or a small company, the onus is on you to ensure that the one who makes the cut is legitimate and trustworthy. Make sure that you choose someone who is transparent about the work they do, their track records, their successes and even their challenges. The ideal scenario is a trustworthy person who can look after your larger and smaller campaigns.


The SEO/PCC battle is a long-standing competition, but the basic breakdown is this: because the algorithms that dictate reality online are constantly changing and adapting, the final destination tends to keep changing. Because SEO can be an arduous process, it can be more struggle than it is worth to try and maintain rankings.

Pay per Click moves a lot faster, and for this reason can be both exhilarating and quite scary! Pulled off well, it has the potential to transform your business, generate traffic, convert leads and skyrocket your sales. Done incorrectly, you will have thrown your money in the water with very little to show for it.

This is why you need someone

Other than the basic operational aspects, another strong reason for bringing a search marketing consultant on board, is to deal with the scary side of things, like click fraud. It is definitely not advisable for beginners to weather the storm of click fraud alone, and if you find your site being infiltrated by bots, you want someone who knows how to stop it, to take control.

Be clear about your spend

Which is to say – make sure you are getting what you’re being charged for! Companies who pad their fees with items like “management fees” should raise a few red flags, as the definition is vague, and therefore the commitment to the actions covered by it, are often vague too.

Take care not to fall into the trap of vague definitions and empty promises. You are totally within your rights to want to know what you spend your money on, and it is within reason to request reports on how your brand is performing. Keep a clear channel of communication with your digital marketing consultant because a communicative relationship is the most constructive kind of relationship. Be clear about what you need and want from someone in the position of an AdWords Consultant, and in turn, encourage the person you employ to communicate with you about what they need from you to build your brand presence online.

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