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How Can A Family Locator App Help In Tackling Teens

Pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior is nothing new in teenage years. But if your child is taking it to the extreme then taking the action on the right time is mandatory. Showing the risky behavior, drinking, taking drugs and partying out late at night, all are fearsome activities. Well, smart family locator app can let to keep tabs on all these risky activities of the teens so that you can keep them safe. Let’s have a look what could be the possible implications of a GPS tracker to avoid the teens’ adventurous behaviors.Family

Stay aware of reckless teens’ whereabouts!

It’s really important for the parents to know where exactly their teens roam about after the school; with whom they hang out and which places they visit the most. There are a lot of dangerous activities which are so attractive for the pre teens and teens. With a tracking app, you can stay in the know and prevent any risky behavior. Let’s have a look what you could do with a GPS family locator.

Location history

Busting Teen lies!

Teens hiding their whereabouts and lying about where they have been is nothing new. It’s not that easy to get answers form them about their whereabouts and yes, they are very smart at twisting the truths. A family locator app like FamilyTime can let you view where they have been all day long using the virtual map. Moreover, if they sneak out late at night and hide in the morning, you could simply check the location history and get to know the truth. You can download this app any time from iTunes and Google Play.


Stop clubbing & alcohol abuse

There is nothing wrong if you teens want to chill out at the club with the high school gang, but only if he/she knows their limits. Extensively visiting the bars and clubs can make them addicted to the alcohol and ruin their future especially if they are under age. It seems to have no link with a GPS tracker, but it’s actually directly linked. With today’s advanced apps, you can put the nearby clubs and bars to the Places list and stay aware whenever they visit those places. For this, the best suited app is again, FamilyTime, its Geo-fencing features can let you create virtual fences and whenever you teen will enter or exit the suspicious place you will get instant alerts.

There is another useful spec and that’s the PickMeUp alerts, if in any case you teen become drunk and find it hard to drive he/she could send you PickMeUp alert with just a tap and you will get instant notification with location details.

Pick me up

Reduce dating violence risk

Partying often and dating could also push your teens into trouble. In US alone, the rate of dating violence and physical abuse at parties is increasing rapidly. To make sure that nothing like this ever happens to your child, FamilyTime’s SOS alert can keep you informed if you teens feel any danger or get some bad vibes from a date. They can send you SOS (Panic) alert and you could track their current location on the spot.

Say hello to smart and modern parenting!

So switch to FamilyTime parental app and say goodbye to all the parental woes smartly! It’s a pretty neat family locator app that can help you keep a safety check on your teens!


  1. I think it is too much tracking kids. Younger kids don’t understand that they are being tracked but teenagers will definitely rise against such control. I also use a parental control app – Kidslox (https://kidslox.com/), but I just set time limits for him (for him not to become screen addicted) and block bad content. That is all. This works fine for our family. I’m convinced that there is no need to control every step of your kid.

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