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How Busy Moms Can Beat Foot Pain

Moms have it rough. If you’re a mom, you know exactly what it takes in terms of energy and focus and stamina to go from sun-up to midnight with your kids. Somewhere in there, you’re exhausted before lunch, and then the pain starts. One of the areas of the body where the pain is a daily battle is in the feet. What you need most are some tips on how to beat foot pain when you are constantly on the go as a mom.

How Busy Moms Can Beat Foot Pain

Choose the Right Footwear

You see these moms out there walking around in stilettos or high-heeled boots or some other insane fashion statement. Sure, they look good, but their feet have got to be killing them. As much as you may want to sport similar hot-looking shoes, it just is not worth the pain halfway through your already long day. With this in mind, wear shoes with arch support to reduce foot pain. There are plenty of sensible shoes with the right support that still looks really good on your feet. If you aren’t sure which shoes to buy, ask your orthopedics doctor for suggestions. 

Tie Your Shoes Tight in the Morning and Loose in the Afternoon

Most people are not aware of the fact that as your feet move more throughout the day, they tend to swell. Perhaps you noticed that your feet feel as though they are squeezed into your shoes at the end of the day and the release of pressure after removing the shoes is a joy. That alone tells you right there that you should adjust how you wear your shoes throughout the day. Wear laces tight in the morning when your feet are not swollen and then loosen the laces significantly later in the afternoon to give your tired feet some breathing room.

Consider Gel Inserts

There are all kinds of shoe inserts to help alleviate pain. Gel inserts are some of the best because they mold and move with your feet while still providing support. Even in shoes where the bed of the foot is memory foam, gel inserts can add to the cushioning comfort.

Invest in a Simple Foot Roller/Massage Tool

If your kids still take naps, or if they are outside playing with other kids, you can take ten minutes to pull out a foot roller/massager tool. These things are placed on the floor and your barefoot is placed on top. Roll your foot out and in for five minutes to get the foot to stretch and relax completely. Repeat on the other side with the other foot.

Pamper Your Feet in a Spa Tub

At the end of the long day, when the kids are finally in bed for the night, break out the spa tub. Put some Epsom salt in the spa tub and turn on its jets. Let your feet soak for about twenty minutes. It will remove the aches and pains so that you can comfortably go to sleep at night and wake up the next day refreshed and ready to go again.

The Epsom salts are an age-old remedy that still works today. These special “salts” reduce swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Combined with the spa tub for your feet, your feet will feel really good after a soak. When you use all of these tips in tandem, your feet may never hurt as badly as they have before.

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