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For Serious Hobbyists: What You Need to Set Up a Home Machine Shop

If you’re a keen hobbyist when it comes to metalwork, you may share the dream of many other hobbyists who want to set up their own home machine shop.

The good news is that these days it is easier to do than ever. While in the past it might have cost you a small fortune, if you have enough space in your home you can now build up your own machine shop relatively inexpensively.

So how do you go about doing this? Here’s a guide to the main considerations along with the most important equipment you’ll need.

Initial Factors to Consider

Start by having a good think about what you actually want to do. What will you be making? Do you need the latest equipment or just a few smaller tools? Could you start out with a small selection of essential tools and then build up your collection? Are you planning to turn it into a business?

You’ll also want to take a close look at your budget. While setting up a home machine shop is cheaper than it once was, you are still going to spend a fair amount of money on equipment.

Take a close look at your finances and look at the equipment you will need along with how much it will cost. You might decide to buy used equipment instead to keep your costs down.

It also goes without saying that you will need a suitable space to carry out your work. If you don’t already have a space, this might involve a larger investment. So take this into account when you start planning your machine shop.

The size of your space will also have an effect on what you can buy. You might need to stick to smaller equipment, or you may have the freedom to buy whatever you want.

Choose Your Equipment

The equipment you choose will depend on the space available, your budget, and what you want to make in your machine shop. However, here are some of the most essential items.

An acetylene torch is very versatile, and you can use it to cut or weld most metals. It’s a great tool, and it’s very useful for practicing welding. A MIG welder is also useful to have alongside your acetylene torch, and you can do most welding tasks between these two.

A bandsaw is also essential so you can saw a workpiece to a specific length. These are better than hacksaws for thick materials, and they come in various sizes.

You’ll want a mallet or two for your machine shop, such as an iron mallet or aluminum alloy. Head to an online store like RS Components to choose from the selection.

A lathe will be necessary for machining small parts. Mini lathes are similar to industrial lathes, and the most common size is about 7×10 inches, but there are many sizes available.

Grinders are used for improving the surface finish or to make cuts. They are not too expensive, so consider these an essential item.

You will also want a milling machine for drilling, routing, and other shaping tasks.

Start Setting Up Your Machine Shop

Setting up your own home machine shop is a fantastic way to enjoy your hobby whenever you want to. Once you’ve got the space and the equipment sorted out, you’ll be able to work on any projects you want with complete freedom.

These are a few of the most important factors to keep in mind when starting up, so start planning where you will buy your equipment and get your machine shop up and running.

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