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Helpful Tips For New Moms

Motherhood. The most natural, and yet utterly terrifying, prospect on the planet. Despite having nine months to prepare for your baby’s arrival those last few weeks and days are still likely to pass by in a panicked blur; is there anything you’ve forgotten? What was that one useful tip your own mother gave you? What the hell is that pump for again? From impossible onesie fasteners and complicated instructions for sterilizers, to a baby that refuses to sleep unless it’s held, the days and weeks ahead look set to get a whole lot more interesting. Just how prepared are you?

Helpful Tips For Moms

Prior preparation prevents…

The thing about babies is that they are capable of throwing even the most serene, and prepared, momma completely off balance. Think you know how to cure colic or cradle a screaming toddler? Think again! Those last few months before baby arrives are your time to prepare yourself, mentally, physically, and spiritually, for the road ahead. The advice you choose to take, and the words of wisdom you discard are up to you; here are just a few to get you started.

Read all of the baby books you can… and then forget every word

The market is flooded with baby books designed to turn us all into perfect mommies, but the truth is that motherhood is an incredibly personal journey, and the tips that work for one new mom may make another’s life a misery. While reading books, choosing online articles, and consulting mommy friends are all great places to start it’s essential you accept that your baby, and your experience of being a parent, is going to be unique. Has your baby read any books by the time it’s born? No – you and your baby need to figure things out as you go along. The same can be said for fielding unwanted advice from well-meaning family members, friends, and strangers; trust your instincts on this one.

Fulfill your wish list

Every new mom has her wish list; a seemingly never-ending document containing all of the products she’d love to own, techniques she’s dying to try, and trends she’s completely in love with. Those last few weeks of pregnancy are your time to fulfill your own wish list, so be prepared to spend late nights and early mornings filling online shopping baskets and drooling over catalogues. Whether you’re selecting the products that will aid your baby’s development, searching for items that will soothe teething, or researching the types of toys that are available, remember to head to the manufacturer website before buying anything; here you’ll learn everything you need to know about the baby stuff that’s on offer, and inform yourself before making any expensive mistakes.

Conquering feeding

When it comes to feeding time and establishing a routine, one rule is king; think about what’s right for you. Whether you attempt to breastfeed or are set on formula feeding, remember that your baby’s health and wellbeing is all that matters. It’s so easy to get hung up on these things, after all. Breastfeeding, while one of the most natural human processes, can also be one of the most frustrating. Seek advice wherever and whenever you can if you’re hoping to feed your child yourself, but remain open-minded to all possibilities.

Tackling the issue of sleep

Speak to any new mom regarding the issue of sleep and you’re likely to receive one of two responses. The first will be a bleary eyed blink, a confused sigh, and the utterance, “What’s sleep?” The second will, on the other hand, will no doubt be accompanied by a maddening stare and wild grin, as a sticky-haired banshee wails, “Just go with it!” Babies are sleep-depriving maniacs for so short a time that it’s important to forget being tired; your time will come. Try and operate in shifts with your partner wherever possible, accept that the adage, “sleep when she sleeps” is the law, and always accept help when it’s offered. Nighttime routines are what you make of them, but try to create an environment that’s both soothing and nurturing, much as your womb will have been for the last nine months.

Make the most of every moment

Above all, try and remember that babies are never little for long; embrace every moment, regardless of how tired and grumpy you are, and always remind yourself that you have created a miracle. Those tiny fingers and toes, the whirls of an earlobe, the snuffling nose, and the wisps of air that tickle your chin all belong to your baby, so savor the way they smell, and feel between your fingertips. For the time being, learn to love the chaos, because you’ll miss it all as soon as it’s gone.

No matter how many tips you’re given, self-help pages you attempt to digest, or YouTube ‘How to’ videos you cram in you’ll still likely be haunted by a feeling of utter helplessness once that baby arrives; that overwhelming sense that you’re completely ill-equipped is natural, though, and you’ll soon find a groove that works for you. From a feeding routine and bedtime knack, to the places you’ll discover with your little one along the way, motherhood is a personal journey for each new mom wending their way; just try and remember to enjoy every second.

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