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Genevieve Gorder’s Baby Proofing Tips

TV Safety is Mounting

  • Little ones love to crawl, climb and explore; mount your TV to capitalize on square footage as this will instantly add a more open look to any room and ensure safety by putting this appealing device out of little arms’ length
  • Ideal for any interior design layout, SANUS® offers a complete line of TV wall mounts including full motion, tilting and fixed position

Reduce Clutter

  • While surrounding furnishings are sure to add elegance to the space, clutter is never a good look; amend complexities so the viewer is not distracted when watching TV and your baby is not met with obstacles, etc.
  • Avoid placing remote controls or other items in places where little ones might be enticed to climb up or reach for them

Bye, Bye Furniture

  • By placing your Roku, BluRay and cable box on a shelf on the wall or behind a mounted TV you eliminate the need for furniture altogether – which means more useful square footage, and the elimination of your makeshift, indoor jungle gym

“Dress Up” Your AV Accessories

  • Find essential accessories for your AV system and its surrounding décor, such as the SANUS® cable tunnels to hide TV and power cords, at www.SANUS.com; this way choking hazards stay concealed and everything is perfectly accessorized and styled safely

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