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A Festive Message from Pusheen The Cat

A Festive Message from Pusheen The Cat

Dearest Friends (especially cat lovers),

Some of you might think it’s a little early to talk about the forthcoming festive season.  I disagree – Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Christmas brings joy to all, it’s all about peace on earth and goodwill to all men (but I draw the line at mice, I’m not really a fan of those furry little things and never will be).

I do like to be pampered at Christmas, well actually I like to be pampered all year round, but as Christmas is such a special time I feel it’s more important than ever to be lavished with love. My adopted humans are nice people, I allow them to care for me and in return I reward them with the opportunity to stroke me (I do enjoy a good purr and if they are doing a particularly good job of fussing me I will give a purr or two in appreciation of their efforts).

On Christmas day I won’t get up too early, I do like my sleep. If it’s chilly I will pull on my festive jumper to stay cozy, it’s very fetching – red with green Christmas trees on.

One of my many fans knitted it for me, I do have some very kind followers. I have my own “how-to” blog series (you have probably seen it, most humans have), where I give out advice and share my valuable opinions on all manner of subjects. You should also check out my Facebook page, it’s doing rather well! I love sharing my wonderful life with my huge audience (it was around nine million last time I looked).

My fans often ask for pictures and souvenirs (I think they like to feel close to me), so after some persuasion I decided to come up with a Christmas Pusheen Collection. I do hope you like it! You can get a soft, cuddly toy that looks just like me! I know you would prefer to snuggle up to the real me, but I can’t possibly spend time with every single one of my fans, there are too many of you! This way you all get a chance to have a little bit of me in your lives. You lucky humans. There are soft toy versions of me eating all of my favorite foods, pizza, ice cream, popcorn and cookies yum!

There’s also one of me dressed in that lovely Christmas jumper I told you about earlier.

I’ve given a great deal of thought to my collection, you will find more than just soft toys, including ear muffs, pencil toppers, a coin purse and even a neck pillow! The best part? Each and everyone of my thoughtfully designed items features me! Happy days. Treat yourself to one my lovely items or buy a friend or family member something they will truly love this year.

Anyway, back to Christmas, I was giving you an insight into my day, wasn’t I? Now, where were we? Ah yes, I remember. Once I’ve had breakfast I might take a little stroll around the garden. I enjoy chasing the odd bird now and again, they do insist on landing on my fence and I have to remind them that this is MY garden! After that it’s a mid-morning snooze before Christmas lunch.

I do enjoy tucking into a nice plate of turkey, I know I should be trying to watch my waist-line, I would describe my figure as “pleasantly plump,” but it’s hard to slim down when there are so many treats to devour! For dessert I will probably have my favorite – a huge ice cream sundae. After my hearty lunch it will be time to open those lovely gifts.

I am a lucky kitty, last year I got a comfy new pillow to snooze on from my humans, they are quite thoughtful creatures. This year I’m hoping for some tasty treats and possibly a new jumper, it can be quite cold out in the garden during winter. When the grand gift-giving is over my humans tend to have a rest in front of the TV. I often curl up on one of their laps, and watch the Queen’s Speech with them, the Queen always asks my advice on what to say, she’s a nice old lady so I’m happy to give her some pointers.

I do love Christmas and I love all of my loyal fans too. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

With love, Pusheen x

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