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Different Types Of Alcoholic Drinks By Alcohol Content

Different types of alcoholic drinks have varying alcohol content on the market. Beer, liquor, and wine are some of the subclasses of alcoholic drinks. It is essential to understand the contents of different types of alcoholic drinks to assess the amount of alcohol consumers should take.

Different Types Of Alcoholic Drinks By Alcohol ContentWhat Are the Different Types of Alcoholic Drinks by Content?

Alcoholic drinks are grouped into two classes – distilled and undistilled. Distilled alcoholic drinks contain a higher alcohol concentration or percentage. These include liquors and spirits. On the other hand, undistilled alcoholic drinks, also known as fermented drinks, have less ABV than distilled ones. Below we look at the classes and their alcoholic percentages. Let’s get started.

Distilled Drinks 


Absinthe is a spirit manufactured from various herbs and leaves. The spirit has an alcohol concentration of about 40%.


Brandy is a liquor produced from fermented grape juice. The liquor has an alcohol concentration ranging from 35-60 percent.


Everclear is one of the spirits with the highest alcohol concentration. The grain-based spirit has a minimal ABV of 60%, with some ranging from 75.5 – 95 percent. Therefore, you should not take Everclear straight, as it is an unfinished ingredient.

Taking a shot or more could result in a life-threatening situation. Should you find a loved one poisoned from Everclear intake, you should reach out for help in the nearest medical center or rehab facility.


Gin is a spirit produced from fermented grains like barley and wheat. The grains are then further distilled with the addition of juniper berries plus other fragrant botanicals, classifying them as gin. The spirit is clear, with a minimum alcoholic content of 40% up to 50%.


Rum is a liquor manufactured from fermented molasses and sugarcane. The liquor undergoes distillation to remove any sediments. Rum has a 40% ABV.


Tequila is a liquor made from a fermented agave plant (from Mexico). The liquor originates from Central & South America, with an alcohol concentration of about 40%.


Whiskey is a popular spirit manufactured from fermented grains like barley, corn, malt, and wheat. They are classified into bourbon, scotch, Canadian whiskey, and Irish whiskey aged in oaks of barrels, having a minimal ABV of 40% and a maximum of 50%.


Vodka is a liquor manufactured from fermented potatoes and grains like corn, sorghum, and wheat. The liquor has an average ABV of 40%. Added distillation can increase the drink’s strength up to 95%.

Undistilled Drinks


Beer is, without a doubt, the most popular alcoholic drink consumed in the world. Ale, bock, lagers, lambic, pilsners, porters, and stout are a few of the beers we can mention. Being the oldest drink, it has an average ABV ranging from as low as 4% to as high as 12% in the modern era.


Wine is an ancient and popular alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes. Fortified wine is a fruit and honey type of alcohol with an ABV ranging from 17 to 20%. The alcoholic strength results from lengthy fermentation or the addition of brandy. On the other hand, unfortified wine is a standard wine manufactured through the fermentation of berries, grapes, fruits, or honey. Therefore, it has an average ABV ranging from 5.5-16%.

Wrap Up

The above alcoholic drinks can lead to addiction if you drink too often or too much. Knowing when to stop should be crucial, and if drinking is the problem, consider seeking help to overcome addiction. You can get help for alcohol-related problems like alcohol poisoning and addiction in America’s Rehab Campuses Tucson.

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