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Current Scams Busy Moms Should Know About and Avoid

As a mom, you are busy enough without having to worry about some bozo trying to get you to fall for a scam. Unfortunately, there are plenty of schemers out there who work hard at targeting moms who are busy and distracted.

Current Scams Busy Moms Should Know About and Avoid

Fortunately, there is a way to fight back against scams that are designed to target trusting moms. You have to be aware of the most current schemes and know what you should do if and when you can encounter one.

Work at Home Jobs that Promise Riches But Deliver Only Misery

For many moms, the notion that you can earn big bucks by working at home is immensely attractive. No more daycare costs, no more spending big bucks on gas and work clothes—instead, you can make yourself comfy on your couch, wear your jammies all day and bring in plenty of bacon to help put actual food on the table. Sadly, these types of opportunities often prey on people who are caring for a family and need to find a way to make money. These fake employers may offer you a great at-home job and ask for all of your personal info, only to steal your identity. Or they can ask for a huge amount of money for inventory, only to never deliver the goods and/or drop off shoddy merchandise not even your grandmother would buy. Be careful about sharing personal information and remember that no legit work-from-home opportunity should require you to wire money to anyone.

Red Flags vs False Accusations

Because of the nature of direct sales, some companies that operate using this business model may seem like a scam but aren’t. It helps you identify a scam if you have a legitimate business to compare it to. For example, Amway is a global direct sales company that offers people a partnership to sell home, health and beauty products. Though some have questioned if Amway is a scam or not, after some research, you can know that the company has helped real people earn real money for decades.

Bank Loan Scams that Drain Your Account

For busy moms who are tasked with paying bills and keeping the family’s finances in order, seeing an email that promises you an amazing bank offer might be too good to pass up. But be wary of loan offers and emails that promise you immediate cash. If you do get an email offering you a pre-approved loan and you really want to get the money to buy a much-needed new car for your family, remind yourself that banks do not typically go around handing out money without checking on your financial situation. Instead, call the bank that claims to be offering the loan and check to see if it’s real; chances are good it will be a phishing email designed to get your personal info and nothing more.

Amazon Fake Cancellation Emails

You might order a ton of stuff from Amazon for your kids and family—the online giant sells virtually everything you need from paper towels and clothes to electronics, toys and more. Because of this, you might see an email advising you that your order was canceled and think nothing of it, especially if you have plenty of pending orders with the company. Before you click on any of the links, hover your mouse over the URL to see if it’s a valid Amazon site; if you don’t, you might download a bunch of malware on your computer. Better yet, confirm a cancelled order by visiting the Amazon site and delete the email right away.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe

It stinks to think that scammers come up with ways to prey on busy and trusting people, but that’s exactly what they do. To beat them at their game, moms must be on constant alert, question everything and avoid clicking on a wide number of emails. By doing plenty of research it is more than possible to find a good at-home work position, get a loan from your bank or continue to order with Amazon—all without falling for a common scam.

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