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Concentrate On Mind Games To Train Your Brain

Moms are at risk of losing their minds

Who could forget that intelligence-sapping side effect of having a baby – pregnancy brain?

Your once-lucid faculties turn to mush and you can’t remember your husband’s name or whether you went out shopping for milk or a new bed.

Once the baby arrives, many of us can’t wait to get our bodies back in shape. But it’s important to give your brain a workout too and recharge your razor-sharp wits.

Our new mom minds are often shattered from lack of sleep and are preoccupied with feeding schedules and sleeping patterns. The last thing we want to do is a crossword puzzle.

newborn baby and mom

But studies show that letting ourselves go in the brain department will have an impact in later life.

Make the right choices

Lifestyle choices will have a long-term effect so get into the following habits:

  • keep learning – find out about news, languages, travelling, etc and you’ll broaden your mind as well as stretching it;
  • try new things – take up a sport, join a club, learn how to cook… Whatever to give your brain something new to think about;
  • listen to music – concentrating on a song will help your brain keep up with the beat;
  • read fast – speeding up your reading rate exercises your little grey cells; and
  • keep healthy – stay physically fit, drink lots of water and eat nutritious foods.
Family bike ride

Play online games

Mind agility games are a perfect way to get your brain back up to speed.

But when you’re a busy mom, relaxation time is precious. So of course some people prefer to totally switch off and play a game online that’s just for fun.

Whether it’s Candy Crush Saga or a free instant play spin of the slots online, it’s nice to clear your head for a few minutes each day.

Exercise your brain on the move

There are lots of brain training games that you can easily download onto your phone or tablet. Experts believe that regularly practicing key cognitive skills will not only delay the decline of your mental agility but actively improve your proficiency in:

  • memory
  • concentration
  • perception
  • problem solving
  • mental speed
  • visual awareness

Try these:


Customize your daily exercise routine by building it round the skills you want to develop. The level of difficulty adjusts as your performance improves.

Fit Brain

An all-in-one training program from Rosetta Stone. There are more than 360 games to choose from.


Focus on the emotional side of your brain and remember the importance of positive thinking.

Speak Your Mind


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