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Seven Ways to Make Your Holiday Road Trip Safer and More Fun

Many of us hop in a vehicle when a holiday is just around the corner. We might be traveling to reach a vacation destination or traveling to spend time with family. Either way, traveling in a car can be more affordable and convenient than taking an airplane, but that doesn’t mean it’s safer.

It doesn’t mean it’s more fun either!

There is a rise in accidents during the holiday season because there are more drivers on the road and stress is running high. The last thing you want to do is get into a crash when you’re supposed to be on your way somewhere fun! [Read more…]

Tips For Planning A Fun, Safe, Stress-Free Honeymoon Abroad

After celebrating one of the most precious moments in your life it’s common for newlyweds to keep the festivities going with a honeymoon. Serving as the first official getaway as a married couple, it’s also common for couples to select destinations that span far beyond the borders of the United States. It’s quite the experience, but in order to really enjoy yourselves, it requires extensive planning

Tips For Planning A Fun, Safe, Stress-Free Honeymoon Abroad

Traveling internationally is a lot different than traveling domestically. It takes a bit more research and preparation to ensure things go off without a hitch. To lend you a hand in planning your dream honeymoon trip, here are some tips to keep in mind:  [Read more…]

Surviving Your First Family Road Trip with Young Kids and Pets in Tow

Road trips are a family favorite. It’s a convenient and affordable way to explore the country and create memories together. If you believe your kids are old enough to hit the road, you’re probably anxious to get packed and venture on. However, if you want to maintain your sanity during the drive, it’s important that you’re prepared. This is especially true if you have younger children or pets in tow.

Surviving Your First Family Road Trip with Young Kids and Pets in Tow

To ensure your first family road trip goes off without a hitch, keep these important planning tips in mind: [Read more…]

Tropical Vacation Paradise: Going Outside of the US, But Staying Close

America has a lot to offer in terms of great vacation destinations, but sometimes you just want a change. If this is such a time for your family, traveling somewhere close but different enough so it seems like a completely different world is a great idea. You’ll get to enjoy lots of new experiences and come back to your home recharged and with a million stories.

The Caribbean is a fantastic destination for such a vacation. You can easily reach all the best islands for family holidays and enjoy relaxing in what is a tropical paradise with a dash of history thrown in. The only hard part about a Caribbean vacation is to decide where exactly you should spend it. There are dozens of islands here to explore and each has its own kind of charm. [Read more…]