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A Look At Bus Entertainment Systems For Long Travel

Everybody yearns for those long trips by bus once in a while. However, aside from sightseeing and talking with friends, a good bus entertainment system can make the trip even better. These days it’s common to find public buses that make interstate trips. The buses are a breakaway from the rapid trains and offer clients a more relaxed ride. Tourists often prefer these public buses as they want to see and tour the city more.

A Look At Bus Entertainment Systems For Long Travel

If you’re a fleet owner managing a couple of public buses, you already know that comfort is king. So, passengers will most certainly hop onto a bus with AC, quality and comfortable seats, and a decent entertainment system at any time. [Read more…]

5 Essentials Every RV Owner Should Have In Place

As the proud owner of an RV, motorhome or towed trailer, you’ll know that there’s nothing more thrilling than hitting the open road and enjoying the great outdoors – all with your home comforts within reach of course. 

5 Essentials Every RV Owner Should Have In PlaceMore people than ever are embracing the freedom and adventure that comes with camping in the great outdoors with an RV. But if you’re someone who’s never been responsible for a recreational vehicle, or you’re planning the vacation of a lifetime in 2021, there are some items you just shouldn’t travel without. Here we’ll explore how you can be prepared for the unexpected, with 5 essentials every RV owner should have in place before they hit the road. [Read more…]

Things You Don’t Want To Forget To Pack for Stress-Free Travel

Whether you’re going on a family vacation, a romantic getaway for two, a girl’s trip, or taking a solo trip, there’s something therapeutic about being able to get away from the norm for a while. For the time that you’re away on vacation, you get to throw caution to the wind, experience new things, relax, create memories, and simply have fun forgetting about (even if only for a moment) your daily routines and common life stressors. 

Things You Don’t Want To Forget To Pack for Stress-Free Travel

As wonderful as traveling is, improper planning can quickly turn your therapeutic escape into an utter nightmare. There are several factors that need to be considered when planning a vacation. It’s easy to remember to reserve a hotel room or vacation rental, book airline tickets, and even decide on things they’ll do once you get there. Yet it’s also pretty common for travelers to forget to pack things of extreme importance.   [Read more…]

A Day At The Guadalupe River

People in Texas love their rivers, lakes, swimming holes, and their stretch of the Gulf Coast. (They like swimming pools and water parks, too.) They swim, hike, picnic, drink adult beverages, float in inner tubes, raft, kayak, waterski, surf, jetski, sail, fish, and get sunburns–often while listening to country music on portable loudspeakers. Picture a beer commercial and you pretty much have the idea.

There were recently restrictions in place in Texas during the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic, although these were nothing compared to those in states like California, where the police patrolled the beaches to keep people away. However, the public areas in Texas have officially reopened, and it looks like summer fun is in full force. These sunscreen-wearing citizens of the Lone Star State have done their online shopping (everywhere you look you can see that they’ve been buying new swimsuits for the season, comfortable shoes for women, and even upgraded beer coolers). They’ve sat at home for a few months, and now they’re ready to bake in the sun with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. [Read more…]