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Busting Myths About Motherhood

In the age of rapid information transfer via electronic devices of every description, myth and misinformation are becoming more commonplace. That’s true for subjects like politics, health, personal finances, motherhood, fatherhood, and hundreds of other subjects. But for some reason, the topic of motherhood seems to get more than its share of attention from the myth makers and urban legend spinners. Here are a few of the latest tall tales making the rounds in cyberspace.

Busting Myths About Motherhood

It’s Impossible for Moms to Help Kids Get Student Loans

Cosigning helps young applicants get approved fast. Any woman with college-aged children can help them get approved for a school loan by cosigning. In nearly every case, working adults have better credit than teens, who typically have no credit history or very little at all. Plus, not only does having an adult cosigner up the chances a youngster will get approved, but it also can get them lower interest rates. That means paying much less over the life of the loan as well as the chance to attend the college of their choice. For so many young people, getting a loan is the only way they’ll be able to earn a diploma. While there are scholarships and grants available, today’s high cost of schooling means that loan money is a necessary part of the education plan for high school grads. 

Most Single Moms Struggle Financially

The majority of women who raise children on their own earn a decent living. Single parents, both men and women, are more apt to face and deal with financial hardship simply because they are living on one adult’s income instead of two. But the social stereotype, fostered by media and the film industry, that single moms are generally broke and struggling against insurmountable financial odds is misleading at best. It is common for one-wage families to face more financial hardship than two-income households. However, it’s not a given that one-parent homes are either more or less financially stable than any others.

All Single Moms are Divorced

Although it isn’t uncommon to observe single mothers going through divorce, mothers have varied backgrounds, as do single dads. Single parents can be divorced, widowed, or never-married. For some reason, probably due to TV and film depictions, there’s a widespread misconception about the marital status of unmarried parents. It’s important to realize that many moms and dads choose not to ever tie the knot in the first place, lose a spouse to early death, or are single for any number of reasons.

Women Can’t Attend College While Working Full-Time

Many do both, particularly when attending college online. In the digital age, attending school while working a career-oriented job is a realistic goal, thanks to online classes. Busy executives, lawyers, independent accountants, and others manage to take self-paced online classes for several years and earn accredited degrees. One advantage, besides the convenience factor, is that online study is much less costly than in-person matriculation. So, for mothers who are raising children and working full-time, getting a four-year degree in the subject of their choice is not out of the question. While it’s not easy by any means, thousands of hard-working women do it every year.

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