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The Best Learning Toys For Little Minds

Toys are made for having FUN! Learning toys are a great way to get your kids’ brains developing while having some fun. These types of toys work well for building vocabulary, math, science and general knowledge skills. You might find that you get some entertainment out of them too!

Child drawing with chalk

Making a bang

There is a huge range of home science kits for kids to choose from. So if you’re little one fancies themselves to be the next scientific mastermind, a chemistry set is just the thing. With over 100 experiments, the John Adams chemistry set is sure to keep them entertained for a long time — and they’re learning too. Bonus!

Sums that equal fun

Math can be a bore at the best of times, so attempting to make your young one sit down and learn more math at home might be a challenge. The Magic Cauldron Game will make this task a little less dull. Fill bubbling cauldrons with the right quantities of ingredients to create the perfect potion. This toy will develop their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills, so ticks all the boxes for young mathematicians.

Grow their green fingers

The ‘Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium’ is the ideal way to develop an understanding of the environment and how living things, well… live! They’ll learn the importance of soil, sun and water for growth, but also gain organizational skills and gain some responsibility from the challenge to keep their plant growing.

Learning to be a linguist

No matter what age they are, you won’t be short of educational toys to choose from to develop their literacy skills. Whether it’s learning the basics of words and sentences in their first language, or stretching developed minds to new languages, a Leap Reader makes the learning task more interactive. Making learning fun — check!

Keep their minds ticking

One for all the family is Rapidough. A game of modeling and charades, this game sets their creative skills free and builds communication skills and team working skills, which are just as important as the basic vocabulary and math skills. These will be tested too, as your kids have to be aware of the time and the words they are presented with as they play. This one certainly makes learning fun, and is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 — watch out for your competitive streak!

Playdough creations

From math skills to team-building skills, this list has it all. So make developing those budding brains fun; you might just find that you have a genius on your hands!

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