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Be Independent With The Things You Have On Hand

What are the ten ways to be independent with the things you have on hand?

Most of us live in a state of co-dependence with our family, friends, or partners. However, they shape our beliefs and change our decisions thus losing sight of who we are. When a person has some skills and builds them block by block, you can be independent. Self-reliance is depending on one’s efforts and abilities which later brings self-independence. One should have self-reliance which has significance to bring more happiness in their life.

Be Independent With the Things You Have on Hand

Here are ways one can achieve independence with the things you have on hand.

Make your own decisions

You should not rely on others when making decisions so that you can accept who you are. You should be able to accept that you are unique and let you not judge yourselves when you make decisions. This will increase security from inner sources. There are ways that will help make your decision.

Follow your gut. People’s decisions can be the right choice, but when you follow your internal compass, it will be a powerful way to make your independent choice.

Analyze your fear. Fear is one of the things that people have and can be removed by making the right decision. For example, you want to use their hobby skills to start your own business to be independent, but you will fear the risk of losing. In such a scenario, you should be able to list down all the prevailing questions and find solutions. This will have made you analyze and understand your fear which, in turn, will have made your independent decision.

No right, no wrong. When you understand that there is no right or wrong decision, you will find making your own decision to be a less big deal.

Identify and manage dependence

You can miss the chance to build your confidence. To build your independence, be ready to set your own goals and find your own way to achieve the goals. This will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Be responsible for your medical supplies

Teach yourself to do something that you feel a little unsure about. This will improve the ability to be independent. For example, you can offer to be the one who buys all the medical supplies your home needs from the medical supply company. You will learn to watch for depleting supplies and make decisions on good values.

Budget your money and time

Budgeting is a useful skill that one should have in life. Through this skill, you will be able to track your money and be independent thus reducing the risk of depending on others to lend you money. To be independent you need to budget with yourself like this you will live a balanced life with the things you have.

Meet your personal needs first

When you are in codependent relationships, you meet the needs of others before your needs. Every person has things at hand which can be spiritual, social, and physical, and as an individual, meet your needs first. Identify your needs then analyze your own ways in which you can satisfy the needs.

Set the time to enjoy on your own

Always create time to rejuvenate yourself. This is a step towards independence as you will learn to know that alone time is best and you are enough on your own.

Work on self-care skills

Introduce self-care activities in your schedule. Some of these activities you can personally do them without involving other people. During childhood, self-care skills were brushing teeth, combing hair, and most were learned through their mother. When you have self-care skills, in time, you will be able to nurture them.

Challenge your believes and assumptions

Every individual has their believes and assumptions which they might be affected by the external environment. Once we can re-analyze and re-evaluate our believes and assumptions, we experience growth to become independent.

Get to know yourself better

When you put more energy into someone else you will lose yourself. Get time to have an inner discussion to get to know yourself and reconnect with things you love most.

Educate yourself on emotional support

Research shows that if you lack independence, your focus of control is external. For example, when you feel moods, you tend to wait for others to affect your emotions. True independence comes when you give yourself emotional support and you can soothe your feelings by yourself.

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