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Child Injuries – Can Parents Claim Compensation?

No parent or guardian ever wants to go through the anguish of either witnessing an injury to their child, or receiving a call to inform them that their child has been injured in some way. 

Initial thoughts will, of course, turn to the well-being of the child and to their safety, stability, and recovery (i.e. medical treatment). 

Once these things can be established, as a parent or guardian you may begin to question whether the injury was the result of third party negligence, and if so, what can be done to receiver damages and ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to any other child.  [Read more…]

What to Know About Above Ground Pools

The summer is quickly approaching, which means families are hopefully planning vacations as long as the immediate threat of covid-19 has passed. Even if you aren’t planning trips, you might be planning how you can have summer fun at home.

One way to have a blast with your kids this summer, including if you’re on a tight budget is with an above ground pool, but what should you know?

First and foremost, even if you opt for an above ground pool instead of an in-ground pool, you should make sure you have the same safeguards and protections in place that you would with an inground pool such as a fence surrounding it and a gate.

What to Know About Above Ground Pools

Beyond that, the following are important things to know if you’re weighing one of these pools for your home.  [Read more…]

How Does Debt Consolidation Work? What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

It never fails that some of us get caught up spending money, and then out of nowhere, we find ourselves in debt. Debt, at times, can come from student loans or a mortgage.

The monthly payment plan that you’ve been put on isn’t helping to lessen your debt in the way that you thought it would. And to be honest, you’re getting worried about the interest that your debts are incurring.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work? What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Therefore you start to think about consolidating all of your debt into one easy payment. But, you wonder how does debt consolidation work?

We are going to give you all of the information you need to decide if debt consolidation is right for you. [Read more…]

Quick Tips To Change Your Money Mind Set

How many of you have been able to keep your New Year’s resolution for improving your finances? Although most of us have good intentions when it comes to things like mastering our saving skills, we often struggle to achieve our goals. In fact, only around one in three American households manage to stick to their spending rules every month. 

Quick Tips to Change Your Money Mind Set

The trouble is that most of us are approaching saving with the wrong mindset.

You can use all the envelopes and cash-saving apps in the world, but you don’t approach spending with the right frame of mind, you’re never going to achieve your goals.  [Read more…]