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9 Ways Moms Can Live Healthier This Summer

You spent much of the past year worried about health concerns. Prevention is the best medicine and making simple lifestyle changes are among the best ways to minimize doctor’s visits.

9 Ways Moms Can Live Healthier This Summer

However, you might not have time to undergo a dramatic overhaul if you’re a busy mom. You don’t have to check yourself into a retreat to improve your well-being. Here are nine ways moms can live healthier this summer without neglecting their families and other responsibilities. 

1. Mend Your Fences

Nearly a fifth of young adults reports an estrangement from another family member. If you cut ties with a blood relative for reasons other than outright abuse, it could do your mental health a world of good if you reach out and attempt to mend your fences. Resentment is a slow cancer of the mind.

For example, many people who struggle with addiction participate in behaviors they would never otherwise do without being under the influence. If you know that the individual in question has done considerable work to get clean, maintaining your distance could hinder their recovery while causing you unnecessary distress. It’s one thing to stay alert for red flags of a relapse, but otherwise, give them the grace you would like shown to you if the situations were reversed.

2. Seek Counseling 

Even if you don’t have a diagnosable mental disorder like depression, counseling can do a world of good. It helps you process challenging emotions and address any negative beliefs, behaviors and patterns that keep you from living your best life.

For example, perhaps you always dreamed of launching a YouTube channel, but your fear of failure keeps you away from the camera. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you reframe self-defeating thoughts like, “I have nothing to offer,” and replace them with truths like, “my knowledge is valuable and deserves to be shared.”

3. Embrace Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is a lifesaver if you frequently experience feelings of panic and overwhelm. It takes you out of an unknowable future and unchangeable past and grounds you in the present moment.

You don’t have to spend hours sitting in lotus pose on a yoga mat to practice mindfulness. Add these simple 5-minute exercises to your daily routine.

  • Count your breaths: This exercise keeps your mind occupied when you’re bored — such as when waiting in line. You can also use this technique to quell panic. Set a 1-minute timer and count your breaths. Repeat this process, taking fewer breaths each time by making each inhale and exhale longer and slower.
  • Body scan: Starting at your toes, mindfully observe each part of your body, moving up your legs, to your torso, to your face and neck. Pause to breathe into any areas that feel tense or tight, telling them to relax.
  • Mind scan: Take a few moments to explore your emotional state. Put a name to your feelings — doing so can help you understand your behavior.

4. Hit the Farmer’s Market

Did you know that fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients three short days after harvest? You can significantly increase your antioxidant intake by patronizing your local farmer’s market for fresh-from-the-ground goodness.

Shopping at your farmer’s market also benefits the planet. When manufacturers must ship products over long distances, it produces tons of carbon emissions.

5. Go Fishing 

Does a pleasant afternoon of fishing with your little one sound idyllic? Guess what? It could also benefit your health.

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, critical for neurological health. It also qualifies as a lean protein, having relatively few calories per serving. It will help you build strong muscles without adding unwanted pounds.

6. Take a Vacation 

Tragically, far too few Americans enjoy paid leave and those who do often fail to take it. There’s nothing glamorous about the grind culture — going too hard without a break can destroy your productivity.

Schedule some time to get away. If you are paycheck-to-paycheck and a full day off puts you short on rent, can you take an extra hour or two on a Friday afternoon to practice self-care?

7. Dance With Your Kiddos

Dancing is a glorious form of cardiovascular exercise. What’s even better is that people of all ages can enjoy it.

Strengthen your bond with your kids and your heart muscle at the same time by having a dance-off in your living room. You don’t need to spend a dime to have a glorious time full of laughter while burning calories and improving your health.

8. Go to the Playground 

Fresh air and exercise benefit both you and your kids. Plus, a romp on the playground makes naptime a breeze.

Please don’t sit idly by on the bench scrolling social media when you go. Use the time to sneak in a workout of your choice or have a blast climbing and sliding with your kiddos.

9. Keep a Regular Bedtime 

You know you feel cranky after a restless night. Ongoing sleeplessness can take a severe health toll.

For example, drowsy driving is as dangerous as getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. Your body also produces healing cytokines when you sleep, proteins that play a vital role in immune function. Finally, you feel better when you’re well-rested.

Live Healthier This Summer With These 9 Tips 

You don’t have to spend tons of money on pricey spas and retreats to improve your well-being. Moms, you can live healthier this summer by following the nine tips above.

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