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9 Subtle Ways To Add Tremendous Value to Your Home

Not every home improvement has to be functional. Many times, we don’t even think of sinking money into our homes without a pressing incentive like a leaking ceiling, busted air conditioning, or termite-ridden walls. 

9 Subtle Ways To Add Tremendous Value to Your Home

If you are simply interested in adding value to your home, look no further. This article will cover 9 cost efficient ways you can duplicate your investment at the time of closing your home sale. The first tip we have for you, though, might seem a bit obvious. If you are interested in scaling your property’s value, the most important thing you should do is speak with a professional to appraise your property and give recommendations on what improvements might best serve your specific needs. 

Get a Variety of Contractors to Assess Remodel 

Hiring an interior designer or a real estate contractor to give your guidance might seem very indirectly beneficial, but it can lead to fantastic value-added. 

The job of an interior designer is to work with color palettes, decorations, furniture, and placement to construct an enjoyable space. The way this looks is the careful supervision of home installations like blinds, couches, and coffee tables. Generally, these guys work for hotels and event-organizers, but an appraisal from a freelancing designer on Fiverr, Upwork, or Craigslist could make an excellent investment. 

Plant a Tree

This can double as a family activity. Planting a tree is a way to bring green into your space. This will lend an air of freshness and natural beauty. The cheapest way to do with is to cultivate a tree yourself over the years, but you can always opt to install a sprout at differing levels of growth.  

Clean the Bathroom Before Showing Property

This is probably one of the cheapest methods on this list. It only needs doing once, and it is very highly effective for making potential buyers feel comfortable and at ease.

Increase Square Footage by Shuffling Furniture

One of the first things buyers ask you is your square footage. This number in writing might be one thing, but when a buyer comes to look at the place, you want to make sure they will be fully able to appreciate every inch of the space with their own eyes. 

One alternative way to execute on this principle is to buy “smart” furniture that folds or compresses when needed.  

Update Your Bathroom

According to Moving.com, one of the target areas in your house that can best be leveraged into profit is the bathroom. The kitchen is the other target area. 

Bathrooms are a delicate space in the house. Even if everything else in a mess, most of us prefer the bathrooms to be comfortable, well-stocked, and organized. This is another place where it pays to invest in a little smart furnishing. 

Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the other power move for home owners with dreams of a profitable renovation.  This strategy is tricky though. It can quickly spiral into a financial whirlpool. 

A couple of the most impactful ideas on a budget are introducing energy-efficient appliances, painting the cabinets, buying stainless steel appliances, and cleaning or renovating the countertops. Stained sinks and greasy microwaves might seem like another Monday to you, but they can leech the value of your home at closing time.  

Power Wash Your House

The things that seem the most trivial are often overlooked opportunities. You may be used to your home’s façade, but fresh eyes won’t be. Your buyer will want to see neat, clean, appropriately colored walls. 

Power washing your home with a simple pressurized hose is also a cost-effective solution. 

Install Some Basic Outdoor Lighting

Pictures speak thousands of words a minute, and modern social media ensures those stories reach potentially millions of people. You want nice nighttime pictures to stand out from the majority of home sellers who have not gone the (very affordable) extra mile and built a beautiful scene for when the sun sets. 

Light installations can be as simple as sprinkling some fucking Christmas lights onto the bushes in your front lawn.  

Install a Fire Pit

Few things are as powerful as light. You can take advantage of the romantic, rugged beauty of natural flame by investing in a fire pit. Fireplaces can be done by a single person with a shovel, some nice stones, and a little elbow grease. They are versatile additions to any home. Not only are they a gathering place for friends and family, they are also practical. Cold? Welcome to the ancient world of natural heating. 


The world of real estate has huge losses and huge rewards. We know it can be intimidating, but remodeling life hacks can make profiting from real estate doable and even cheap. 


  1. Taking care of the exteriors particularly the roof is also necessary. For example, maintaining the integrity of the roof will definitely add to the overall value of a house or any building for that matter. You definitely will need to make sure that your roof and insulators are in their best condition. Inefficient roofs might inconvenience a homeowner as replacing it would cost money as well as comfort… I guess nobody wants to live in a house with a bad roof.

  2. I love reading your article! It’s brimming with clever ideas to boost the value of our homes in subtle yet significant ways. The suggestions provided are both practical and inspiring. And you know what would add an extra touch of magic? Bringing in a professional painter to give our spaces a fresh coat of paint. Their expertise could really bring out the best in our home and make it even more inviting!

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