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8 Reasons Moms Need To Take Time For Themselves

When you’re a busy mom, you might not take a moment for yourself from the time you open your eyes to when you close them again at night. Your kiddos even interrupt your sleep sometimes. 

8 Reasons Moms Need To Take Time For Themselves

That’s only one of many reasons moms need to take time for themselves. You aren’t the Energizer Bunny — you need to recharge your batteries occasionally. Here are eight more incentives to pencil in a little self-care.  

1. They Need to Organize Their Homes

Are we in 2020? You wouldn’t know so to look at research from University College London. According to a recent study, while women do 16 hours of housework weekly, men only complete six. 

While it’s refreshing to know you aren’t crazy in your perception that you do the lioness’ share, all that hard work deserves a little R&R. Guilt your partner into giving you the night off while he minds the kids, cooks dinner and does the dishes. 

2. They Must Stay on Top of Finances

As a mom, your children rely on you for everything — including financial security. If something happens to you, what will they do? That’s why you investigated your options and purchased a life insurance policy — you didn’t need a health exam because you bought online. 

You also understand the impossible costs of going without health insurance. You keep your policy updated while making sure your kiddos get their required checkups and shots. That deserves a medal, but a day off will do. 

3. Healthy Meals Keep Them Going 

Chefs like Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray have minions to help them do the grunt work of chopping the veggies they effortlessly toss into woks. As a busy mom, you serve as a prep cook and executive chef simultaneously. 

That dynamic means you need time to chop your peppers and portion out sauces. Spending your morning off in the kitchen doesn’t qualify as a break — plan a pleasant reward for the afternoon. 

4. Exercise Benefits Their Bodies and Minds

Moms may put in some miles walking kids to and from school and chasing wayward toddlers through department stores. However, they need to sweat it up and work their muscles all the same. 

Savvy moms know that they can find various fitness apps, many of which feature workouts as short as five to ten minutes. However, now and then, they like to hit a group Zumba class at the gym — give them that luxury. 

5. They Have Unique Goals Outside of Child-Rearing

Guess what, kids? Your mom’s first name isn’t “mama” or any variation thereof. While parenting may top her priority list, there’s more to her than a knack for quick diaper changes. 

Many moms have successful careers, but to continue to climb the ladder, they need time to grind. Letting them work uninterrupted by minding the little ones can sometimes be the best gift a caring partner can give. 

6. They Need a Patient, Loving Spirit

You told your youngest a million times that jumping on the bed could result in falls and injury. Now, you’re at Urgent Care with kiddo’s leg swelling up like a tick about to pop, and as much as you would like to, screaming is not an option.

Think back to the last time your internet went out, and you had to deal with a less-than-pleasant support representative. Moms have to manage far worse attitudes with a smile — multiple times daily. It isn’t easy to keep a patient, calm demeanor when kids get into the very trouble you warned them against, but mama bear handles it with aplomb. 

Although she may make this daunting task look easy, it isn’t. Anyone deserves a break from remaining the calm port in a storm. 

7. Less Stress = Healthier Parenting 

Think about the last time you snapped at your child in frustration. What was your mental state? You probably weren’t fresh out of savasana after a relaxing yoga class. 

People often show poor judgment when they feel overwhelmed with stress, and moms are no exception. However, as her job remains the most important in the world, she needs a break from it occasionally to keep her happy thoughts. 

8. Moms Deserve Nothing But the Best

Finally, moms make enormous sacrifices starting before you come into the world. They put up with frustrating physiological changes to give birth while watching their diets like supermodels and choking down massive prenatal vitamins. Then, when you emerge, they do hard time in Diaper-City Jail for years. 

Somehow, moms keep on giving as their kids get older. They kiss away boo-boos and deal with obstinate teen tantrums with saintlike patience. It takes some serious grit to continue teaching someone to drive after they’ve called you the worst instructor ever, but mothers manage with a smile. 

For all they do, moms deserve the best. A little time for self-care is hardly too much to ask. 

Mom, You Deserve to Take Time for Yourself — Here’s Why 

Moms, you deserve to take time for yourself. Reward your glorious, giving nature by planning some much-needed self-care today. 

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