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7 Reasons Moms And Coffee Are The Perfect Pair

Peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, Batman and Robin — they are all perfect pairs! As a parent, you know coffee is essentially your lifeblood. There are some people that have to have a cup of coffee to start their day. But why is the beverage so popular in the United States and around the world?

7 Reasons Moms And Coffee Are The Perfect Pair

Keep reading to discover seven reasons why moms and coffee are a magical combination. 

1. It Suits Every Mood

Are you feeling something hot or cold, sweet or bitter, creamy or bold? Coffee can satisfy all of those cravings and more.

By adding flavored syrups and creamers, traditional coffee will transform into something extra magical. You can make it at home or order it while out, so it’s readily available for practically every occasion. Adults love it so much you’ll frequently see the beverage provided as a complimentary service during meetings.

If drinking coffee is a regular part of your routine, use a straw to reduce teeth staining. Drinking from a straw will also help to limit tooth decay, which leads to cavities.

2. It Provides an Energy Boost

Let’s face it. Most people could use an energy boost, and once you become a parent, those needs multiply. In 2010, less than 20% of people in each age group reported feeling fatigued. Fast forward to 2020, and that number has more than tripled. Of those reporting, women were more likely than men to feel exhausted.

However, with the help of coffee, these people can feel energized again. Like many popular morning beverages, coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant. By ingesting caffeine, your body experiences a burst of energy and feels more awake.

3. It Decreases DNA Strand Breakage

Studies have shown that coffee is proven to decrease DNA strand breakage. When breakage occurs, the loss of integrity predisposes the body to neurological disorders and cancer. Luckily, the positive impacts of coffee consumption are measurable as early as two hours after the first drink.

Repeated ingestion can cause a reduction by one-third of the traditional baseline value. For parents, that cup of coffee could be the difference between health and sickness in the future.

4. It Offers Numerous Health Benefits

You’d be surprised by how many benefits are packed into one tiny cup of coffee. The popular beverage packs a surprisingly healthy punch. Besides giving a boost of energy and reducing DNA strand breakage, coffee can also decrease your risk of colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, thanks to the caffeine present in coffee, drinkers can experience an easier time burning fat plus improved memory function. Since caffeine suppresses the appetite and burns calories, busy moms will appreciate the benefits while they are on-the-go and postponing mealtime. Furthermore, every mom would love a boost of brainpower to increase reaction times and energy levels.

5. It Is Safe for Pregnancy

Coffee comes both caffeinated and decaffeinated, so pregnant moms can enjoy the same great taste without risking their baby’s health. Some experts claim that drinking caffeinated coffee in moderation is still safe while pregnant or breastfeeding, while others disagree. If you choose to consume it, try to have 200 mg of caffeine or less a day to keep the baby safe.

Whichever you choose, rest easy knowing you can enjoy your daily cup of coffee while pregnant — even if it’s just a matter of enjoying the great taste without a caffeine boost.

6. It Is Adaptable

Moms need to adapt to changing situations at the drop of a hat. Do your kids have a school science project to complete? Is your daughter hosting a spa-themed sleepover? Is the bake sale tomorrow, and you need a new cookie to spice things up? In each of these instances, all you need to do is reach into your cupboard and grab your trusted tin of coffee.

Coffee is versatile and can act as the key ingredient in many recipes. You can use it to test the effect of teeth staining compared to other popular beverages like soda and tea. It can also act as the main ingredient in a DIY body scrub recipe. Many baked goods even taste better with some coffee added to the recipe for an extra punch of flavor.

7. It Makes the Perfect Gift

Coffee lovers are easy to buy for because there is always a new gadget they don’t have. Additionally, purchasing a new bag of beans or a coffee subscription will keep busy moms happy and energized for months. Unlike wine or alcohol, kids can buy it from the store or mall without any difficulties.

You also aren’t afraid to let your teenager try a sip during the morning commute to school. After all, the most significant risk associated with coffee is the caffeine content, and in moderation, it can have substantial daily benefits. Keep in mind that it is classified as a drug, and people can become addicted to coffee, so be aware of withdrawal symptoms and practice restraint.

Grab Yourself a Mug

After reading the seven reasons why moms and coffee are the perfect pair, are you searching for the nearest mug to fill? If you know a woman who’s a mother, bring her a cup of coffee — she probably needs one right about now! You should also keep this in mind when shopping for gifts during the holiday season.

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