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7 Healthy Habits to Adopt for Summer 2017

Make this your healthiest, happiest summer yet by adopting a few new habits. Remember, it takes an average of thirty days to form a habit for good, so there’s plenty of time to slip these easy lifestyle changes into your favorite season. Here are seven simple, beneficial habits to make the most of your summer.

7 Healthy Habits to Adopt for Summer 2017

 1. Prioritize skin cancer prevention. Unfortunately, skin cancer is the deadliest yet most preventable form of cancer. It’s also one of the easiest to prevent. Nobody is immune, but it requires reapplying sunscreen to all exposed skin every two hours, including when you’re indoors or in a car and still exposed to the sun. As a bonus, it prevents wrinkles.

 2. Help your body detox by adding more antioxidant-rich food or supplements to your diet. Your antioxidant intake is vital for overall well-being, and is found in a surprising number of delicious foods. Blueberries, dark chocolate and even red wine are high in antioxidants. Schedule a general check-up with your physician and ask for a full panel screening of deficiencies to see where else you might be lacking. Remember that it’s always best to get as much nutrition as you can via diet.

3. If you drink, considering reducing your consumption. If you reduce the amount you drink your body and brain will thank you. Drinking to excess is linked to a variety of disease, not to mention reduced inhibitions and poor decisions. Responsible, moderate drinking can take practice. For women, this means no more than three drinks per evening. Taking note of serving sizes is also important (five ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or 1.5 ounces of liquor).

4. Learn to relax. Relaxing can mean many things. Maybe it’s a yoga class (or video), dedicating time to a book, or simply wrangling the crew together for a coffee date. The important thing is to be fully present no matter what you choose. Focusing on something, or someone, else can be a great way to alter your mood.

Of course, concentration is the difficult part. Some monks spend a lifetime working towards a few seconds of true meditation. Relaxing and letting your mind go blank is much easier said than done. However, carving out one hour of time to focus on something fun is a great start.

5. Adopt regular workout habits. Not everyone enjoys going to the gym or working up a sweat. However, those endorphins that come from an increased heart rate are exactly what your body needs to beat a bad mood. Find an activity that you actually enjoy whether it’s hiking, swing dancing, or aqua aerobics. There’s an activity out there for everyone.

Increasing your heart rate can also ease some physical pains like cramps. Working out makes you feel better about yourself. The promise of a healthier body, more toned arms, or a little less curves in the wrong places can conjure up a smile. Try out a few different classes or activities to see what works for you.

6. Prioritize your friendships and loved ones. Rallying your friends for a get together is a great way to improve your mood. If you’re struggling with a serious issue, simply talking it over with a good friend can help you. If you’re stressed out with a new project at work, a dinner with your friends is just what you need for a little decompression. However, tread carefully when it comes to alcohol. Remember that alcohol is a depressant. Happy hour might sound like a good idea, but you might be worse for wear when you get home. Instead, opt for daytime activities or an outing that’s alcohol-free.

7. Take a hike. Getting into the great outdoors has proven health benefits. Take advantage of the warm summer months and check out new trails and experiences. Not only does the fresh air have mental as well as physical health benefits, but getting off of solid ground (including pavement) challenges the muscles and bones in your feet and ankles.

These seven trips are sure to get you onto the path for the best summer yet.

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