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7 DIY Home Projects To Consider This Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be a time of sitting around inside waiting for the warmer weather to roll around. Of course, the cold limits everyone’s social and recreational activities by keeping people inside, but you can do so much exploring when it comes to your own style right in your home. Winter often mandates spending lots of time bundled up inside, so why not take this time to make your place exactly what you want it to be?

To Consider This Winter

From little crafts to larger projects, you can put your time spent indoors to better use this winter. Soon enough, you’ll create a beautiful home that feels even more like your own, ready to cozy up and enjoy the season. 

1. Knit New Throws

Whether you’re a knitter or you’ve never tried your hand at it before, knitting some new personal touches for your space can bring an extra cozy vibe. While you can go for blankets and throws if you’re a speedy knitter, you can also make pillows or you could go for smaller accessories for around the home that take up a bit less time to make. Knitting is a fun craft that feels totally winter festive and is sure to cozy up any space.

2. Christmas Lights Everywhere

Christmas lights, despite the name, are not just for Christmas. In fact, Christmas lights and other fairy lights or string lights are great for making any bedroom, study or living area feel completely warm and sweet. Sure, they can bring in some holiday cheer, but keep them up long after for a winter cozy vibe — especially if they’re neutral in color. Spending a few hours putting lights up around the house is a perfect way to keep entertained this winter.

3. Finish Your Cabinets

If you’re looking for something a bit more down and dirty, why not give your cabinets a new finish so your home can feel a bit more cohesive and sleek? You’ll need to sand the wood and pick up the perfect paint or varnish for your cabinets. It can be a tough job, but it’s totally doable, especially if you have a few hands on deck. Set aside a bit of time to tackle your project and make sure you’re thorough with the process. 

4. Add a Kitchen Backsplash

Similar to finishing your cabinets, adding a backsplash to your kitchen is yet another project that takes a bit of elbow grease but can totally be a DIY dream. Explore what kinds of materials you’d like to include in your backsplash and research how you can make it happen. You can even think outside the box and go for mosaic tiles, glass or metal. It’s all up to you and your personal style. 

5. Paint the Fireplace

Sure, a classic brick fireplace is super cozy and old school, but if you want something a little bit more modern and sleek, you could always go for a coat of paint on your hearth. Plenty of people love the look of a bright white fireplace, but you can also go for a black or navy if you’re looking to move towards the darker side. You can even go for a creative pop of color if that’s more your style. It might be a bit of a messy project, but as long as you gather all the proper supplies, you should be more than good.

6. Patch Those Holes

If you’re looking for a quick fix to tighten up some loose ends around the home, patching up holes around the house is a perfect project to make things a little more polished. Whether you have a few thumbtack holes from the last time you put up your Christmas lights or you have a few gashes from larger decorations, patching them up can make your walls ready for more refined decorations. 

7. Make Natural Candles

You can totally take loving natural scents to the next level by making your own candles. This one is much more of a fun craft, and you can even involve the whole family in your endeavors. Pick your favorite scents and essential oils and get cozy around the table for some crafting fun, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have the perfect personalized scents to burn all throughout your home. Not only are they better for your wallet than buying brand new candles somewhere, they come with a lovely personal touch. 

Make Your House a Winter Home

From the bigger projects to the quicker, more crafty ideas, you can do so much this winter to make your home just a bit cozier. Winter doesn’t need to be boring, even if you’re stuck inside until the warmer weather starts. Whether you’re adding the touches to a brand new kitchen or making some great new accessories, you’ll have a magical season in your home.

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