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6 Ways To Keep Your Purse Organized

When it comes to keeping organized most people seem to be all or nothing, or to put it another way, a hot mess or a neat freak. You don’t often find a busy mom who has a few things super tidy and a few things super messy unless those messy things are the kid’s rooms, the garage, or dad’s man cave. Whether you use self storage to keep the house low on clutter or have a shed, basement, or big garage, keeping neat is the way to live. One sure reflection of your habits is the inside of your purse. The handbag you carry around like its a 3rd arm holds some of your most important possessions like keys, a wallet, and usually a cell phone. Here’s some tips for keeping your purse neat as a way to set a tidier precedent for 2020!

6 Ways To Keep Your Purse Organized

Use Small to Medium Size Makeup Pouches to Organize Your Stuff

Of course, you can carry your favorite makeup items in a small zip-up tote to keep them separate from everything else in your purse, but there are so many other ways you can use these tiny totes. Consider filling them with:

  • Small snacks like granola bars or pouches of fruit snacks

  • Essential oils you regularly use and a small guide to help you remember how to use them.

  • Cords such as your phone charger

  • First-aid supplies

  • Loose change

  • Feminine products

Place Tiny Hair Necessities in Empty Altoids Tins

Empty Altoids tins are the perfect size to hold items like hair ties and bobby pins so you always have them handy. You can even take your organization a step further by cutting index cards so they are small enough to fit into your Altoids can and then, slipping your bobby pins onto them to keep them from getting tangled.

Use Key Hooks to Keep Your Keys Handy

Are you constantly digging into your purse to find your keys? Key hooks attach to your keyring so you can easily attach your keys to the outside of your purse. This way you don’t spend five minutes looking for them every time you get into your car. Just be sure your keys are facing forward when you carry your purse. It’s important to keep both your keys and your purse safe.

You can also attach a plastic badge holder to a key hook and clip it to the outside of your purse. Then, you can store your sunglasses on the outside of your purse so they don’t break. Simply wrap the end of the plastic badge holder around the small part of your sunglasses frame and snap it closed to keep them secure.

Place Paper Items in a Divided Envelope

Purchase a small plastic divided envelope to organize receipts, gift cards, and paper coupons. You can organize them in alphabetical order, by category (grocery, clothing, beauty), or by the type of item (gift cards, receipts, coupons). Regardless of how you organize them, you’ll always know where to find them when it’s your turn at the register.

Keep a Zip-Top Bag in Your Purse for Trash

How many times have you opened a piece of gum and thrown the wrapper into your purse or had your child hand you trash when you’re nowhere near a trash bin, so it ends up in your handbag? If you keep a zip-top bag in your purse, you have a specific place to hold any trash you accumulate throughout the day, and it makes it easier to remove the trash from your purse to dispose of it at night.

Use Glasses Cases to Organize Chargers and Earbuds

Instead of randomly throwing your earbuds and cell phone charger into your bag, use a glasses case to keep them handy. There’s just enough space in a glasses case to store a pair of earbuds, a charger cord, and the charger cube neatly, and the hard case is not only handy, it protects them from damage, too.

The key to keeping your purse organized is having a space dedicated to each item you carry. It also helps to have plenty of inside pockets that you can dedicate to specific items, like your cellphone, pens, and a notebook that you use frequently throughout the day.

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