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6 Ways To Encourage A Love Of Music In Your Kids

Most people enjoy music. Even those of us that don’t play an instrument or have a particular style of music or collections of songs and bands that we absolutely love, enjoy a nice tune or beat. We’re not always aware of music – often it’s on in the background while we’re doing other things – but we do notice it when it stops. It gets into our heads, whether consciously or not. 

6 Ways To Encourage A Love Of Music In Your Kids

But enjoying music that we hear as we go about our daily lives isn’t the same as loving music. When we truly love music, we get so much more from it. This continues into adult life but is especially true in children.  

The Benefits of Music for Children

There are many benefits of music for children, and reasons to encourage them to embrace and love it. Some of them include:

  • Creative expression
  • Music helps develop memory
  • Improved fine and gross motor skills
  • Improved emotional wellbeing
  • A great way to make friends
  • Music encourages teamwork
  • Music can build confidence

So, how do you encourage a love of music? Let’s take a look. 

Fill Your Home with Music

The best way to encourage a love of music is to expose them to music. But you don’t have to be obvious about it. Just play music at home, and they’ll start to notice it. Have music on while you’re doing chores, while you are eating or cooking meals, when you take a shower, and at other times. When you leave the house, put the radio on in the car, and try to play a massive range of different genres and artists from different periods. They won’t like it all, but that’s an important part of finding out what they do like.

Sing with Them

We often sing with our children when they are very young. We sing nursery rhymes to the youngest of babies but as they get older, we stop. Sing along to the radio, or to rhymes that they are learning at school. 

Dance Like No One is Watching

Singing and dancing are great fun, but they often make us feel self-conscious. We don’t like our singing voices, or we worry about looking silly when we dance. And so, we don’t. If you have music on at home, but you are clearly self-conscious about singing or moving along to it, then you are teaching your children to worry about what they sound and look like. 

Try to dance and sing like no one is watching. Dance and sing while you are cooking, and really let yourself go enjoying the music. You’ll teach them that it’s okay to do the same and boost their confidence massively. 

Let Them Try Instruments

Many parents deny their kids the chance to try instruments because they are worried about the noise. Or they stop them after a few weeks because they aren’t very good and it’s annoying. This can put them off expressing themselves with music, or even listening to music. Instead, let them try things. Let them play with instruments at home, sign them up for lessons at school, and even book private lessons. As they get older, you might even want to book one of the famous PIRATE music studios to give them a chance to take things more seriously. 

Praise Them

Very few people have the kind of natural ability that means that they can pick up an instrument and be great at it straight away. It usually takes lots of time and practice. Try not to criticize their early efforts. Praise them for having a go, and even if progress is very slow, look for things to praise, and tell them that you are proud. As parents, we don’t always realize how seriously our children take our words, and how even the tiniest negative comment can affect them. 

Take Them to Gigs and Shows

Listening to music at home and singing and playing instruments is fantastic. But if you want them to see just how fantastic music can be, taking them to a gig, or even to a musical show at the theatre is the best way for them to experience everything that music has to offer. It’ll seem so much bigger than it does at home and will give them a chance to have emotional responses and form wonderful lasting memories with music at the front and center. 

Try to see a range of live music, from big stars to small local bands, including things that you like, artists they’ve shown an interest in, and really alternative styles that neither of you has ever listened to. 

The good news is, encouraging a love of music can be fun for the whole family. A house that’s filled with music tends to be filled with joy, and you’ll get the benefits from having more music in your lives. 

Encourage Them to Join Music Groups

Joining a music group helps your child develop socially. Singing in a choir opens them up to learning what it is like to work in a team and work together to achieve a common goal, such as performing at concerts or joining competitions and winning medals. Children in choirs also interact with their conductor and accompanist, who are role models in creating a life in music.

Studies indicate that choral singers not only exhibit increased social skills but also engage in civic involvement, philanthropy, and support of other art forms versus non-singers.

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