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5 Innovations For Modern Offices To Adapt

If you want to attract the top talent, you will want to give your employees a sense that you care about them and are placing their comfort and health first. Innovations around the workplace can also make workers more productive and creative. There are five innovations around the workplace that you should consider implementing.

5 Innovations For Modern Offices To Adapt

Add Recreational Areas

Research published at the National Institutes of Health has found that exercise improves creativity independent of mood. Healthy employees will be more focused and have more energy. One way to encourage workers to exercise more and bond is to add a recreational area.

A recreational area can include a ping-pong table or some other physical activity. These activities can be used as exercises in forming cohesion.

Install State-of-the-art Coffee Brewing Stations

Coffee fuels 50% of Americans every day. However, the standard office coffee pot isn’t good enough when some employees will want to make iced coffee at work on a hot day. Fortunately, there are various types of coffee makers designed specifically to make cold coffee.

To make the best coffee, your office should purchase whole beans and a grinder. Then, the coffee beans can always be ground fresh and taste the best. Purchase whole beans from a local grower because they will be the freshest. You can even hire a company to equip your office with the same equipment that professionals use to brew coffee.

For example, you may choose to install a frappe maker for those who make iced coffee at work. You may also install an all-in-one barista bundle that makes espressos and cappuccinos.

Offer Classes

Increasingly, businesses are offering classes by bringing experts into the workplace. Employees can learn skills that will be beneficial in the workplace while being taught in an engaging manner.

However, many businesses are also offering classes on fun subjects such as wine tasting as a perk. Consider which classes would fit the best with your company culture. Also, if you’re not sure what classes to offer, ask your employees for suggestions.

Purchase Standing Desk Converters

Sitting for long hours a day is worse for your health than smoking. Show your employees that you prioritize their health by purchasing optional standing tasks.

Workers benefit from standing desks when they alternate between standing and sitting. Being on your feet all day can place strain on your joints and can also cause your feet to hurt. Therefore, you’ll want to educate workers on the importance of standing and sitting at different intervals.

Incorporate Nature Into the Office

Workers are more productive when they are surrounded by nature. The simplest way to incorporate nature is to allow employees to keep plants by their desks. You may also place office plants in locations where you have extra space as long as they are cared for.

Some offices have placed large numbers of trees around the office building and install large windows for their workers. This not only allows employees to see the trees constantly but also provides plenty of natural lighting.

Exposure to nature will have an impact on the mood of your employees and will also reduce absences. Living plants will purify the air inside the office too. Another way to improve worker morale is to respect nature. Getting your team behind recycling initiatives and using zero-waste products instead of throwing away plastic and using wasteful things like traditional paper towels will get morale up and make a difference in your office’s carbon footprint simultaneously! 

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