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4 Tips for Staying Safe On Construction Sites At Night

Many construction workers often have to engage in night work at some point during their career. In addition to safety concerns with motorists on the road, construction workers must contend with the added difficulty of completing their usual tasks with limited visibility. To help ensure safety on site, keep the following tips in mind when it comes to night work.

4 Tips for Staying Safe On Construction Sites At Night

Lighting and Visibility

It is important for construction sites to attain adequate visibility both in terms of lighting and worker gear. Appropriate lighting will help motorists see construction zones in addition to allowing workers to complete their usual tasks safely. Construction workers should also wear high visibility clothing to help further stand out in the dark. With proper Light Tower placement, the site can stay properly illuminated. High visibility tape should also be placed on equipment to ensure that it can be easily noted regardless of how dark it is outside. As a general rule, look to match the amount of lighting provided to the sort of work that is being completed. Plan beforehand to ensure that lighting is placed in the proper areas to offer as much visibility and coverage as possible.

Signage and Cones

An appropriate amount of signage and cones should be used to warn motorists of an upcoming construction site. An adequate amount of distance should be utilized to help protect construction workers from vehicles. Employ the proper use of construction cones and construction cone signs to warn of specific dangers and issue directions to motorists regarding possible lane closures and slowed speeds. If possible, employ the use of a variable-message sign to warn motorists of upcoming roadwork.

Equipment Checks

Conduct full equipment checks before beginning work at night. Make sure that inventory is completed to confirm that all necessity tools and equipment is available and present. Complete safety checks on machinery and vehicles to make sure that everything is working properly and as expected. All items should be accounted for and evaluated for safety before the night’s work begins.


Workers may be experiencing fatigue due to the late hours. In addition to some workers possibly suffering from a lack of sleep, the limited amount of light can result in more energy being exerted, resulting in workers tiring more quickly. Take measures to encourage workers to get an appropriate amount of sleep before arriving on shift. Have supervisors take steps to check in with workers and encourage breaks when possible.

By using the tips listed above, you can help increase the safety of your construction zone at night.

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