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4 Reasons You Should Celebrate Your Decision to Get a Minivan

For years you swore that you would never become one of “them” — you know, a (gasp) minivan driver. You said that when you had kids, you would simply buy a huge SUV to cart everyone around, thus avoiding owning a minivan.

4 Reasons You Should Celebrate Your Decision to Get a Minivan

Now you have kids and you about fell over backward when you researched the price of large SUVs — not to mention their penchant for sucking up gas faster than a 5-year-old can empty a Capri Sun. After talking about it with your spouse, you have decided to bite the bullet and purchase that minivan after all. Congratulations, mom and dad. You have just made a terrific decision. Here are four reasons why:

They’re Really, Really Practical

When it comes to a vehicle that is perfect for a growing family and all of their “stuff,” you simply cannot beat a minivan. From their roomy and comfy interiors, seats for seven or eight people, plenty of cargo space, and nifty bells and whistles like side and rear hatch doors that open with a touch of a button on the key fob, minivans figuratively ooze practicality.

They’re Economical

You probably already know this one, especially after shopping online or in person for a large non-minivan vehicle: minivans are economical to buy and maintain. You can usually get a better deal on a brand-spanking new minivan over a pre-owned humungous SUV, and since minivans get way better gas mileage than their SUV cousins, you will save significantly at the pump. Minivans are also cheaper to insure and they do not cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

They’re Super Safe

It goes without saying that you want you and your precious cargo to safely make it from point A to Point B. Minivans are typically chock full of safety features that will help you to do just that. Consider the Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica has some pretty amazing safety technology; it can apply the brakes if it senses you are about to hit something, or gently tug the steering wheel to help keep you in your lane. Minivans are definitely on the large side to drive, so the Pacifica’s blind spot monitoring will surely come in handy, and if you are on long road trips with the kiddos, the adaptive cruise control system will also bring your van to a stop. The 2017 model did amazingly on the safety tests; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2017 Pacifica a five-star overall rating out of five possible stars, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety made it a Top Safety Pick+, which is the the highest rating they have.

They Have Plenty of Cup Holders and Cool Buttons

If you once scoffed at the commercials touting the many cup holders in a minivan, you are probably not laughing anymore, now that you have kids who have an amazing amount of sippy cups and water bottles, not to mention your Venti iced whatever from Starbucks. Minivans have plenty of useful cup holders that you, and more importantly, your kids can access on their own. No more straining at a red light to reach your 4-year-old in the backseat to hand her a Frozen-themed sippy cup — she can keep it in her own cup holder, and maybe stash a few magic markers and stickers in another one to help her with her art projects on the road. As for buttons, minivans come with lots of them — buttons to raise and lower the volume of the stereo, controls to open the side doors, adjust your seats and more.

Despite your hesitation to own a minivan, you’ve got to admit, it’s a great vehicle with tons of cool features. So go ahead — celebrate your new purchase with pride and enjoy your new wheels.


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