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10 Reasons Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a mom thinking about opening up your own business, an entrepreneur who might be looking to have kids sometime in the near future or you’re already tackling both jobs like a champ, you might be curious about the crossover between your mom skills and your business savvy. Luckily, being a mom can make your entrepreneurial endeavors much more successful and tailored to you. Moms make great entrepreneurs for so many reasons, including the creativity and resilience that comes with the ups and downs of mom life.

10 Reasons Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

No matter where you are in your journey, there are so many reasons why an entrepreneurial spirit can work especially well with motherhood. If you want to start a business — or if you’ve already started one — there’s a variety of benefits to parenthood in business. Here are just a few of the many reasons why moms make great entrepreneurs. 

#1 Natural Leadership Qualities

Being a mom requires a strong will, a strong voice and the ability to lead, and all of those things are highly beneficial in the world of business. Even if you’re a one-woman show right now, leadership qualities can come in handy when you’re in social situations and making business deals. 

#2 Resilience

Even though motherhood can sometimes be stressful, being a parent is all about learning the techniques that work for you and weaving them into your daily life, and the same goes for business. Being able to bounce back from challenges is a skill that’s baked into motherhood, and it can serve you greatly.

#3 Creativity

One of the primary benefits to being a mom when you enter the business world is the creativity that comes with mom life. Being a mom can inspire you to create fun and innovative ideas for your business, whether your brand is central to motherhood or not. Being a parent allows your mind to think in new ways, which can be great in the business world.

#4 Problem Solving Skills

Moms are always at the ready to solve problems thoroughly and efficiently. As a mom, you know better than anybody that the ability to solve problems and think on your feet is highly important. And it’s a skill that can come in handy over and over again.

#5 Compassion and Understanding

Many people view the business world as cutthroat, and while that can sometimes be true, people want to know that business owners care about the community they serve, and moms have the compassion and understanding to relate on a personal level. Whether you have a physical storefront or an online presence, customers want to know that they’re interacting with a real person.

#6 Flexibility

Moms are used to wearing a variety of hats, and there’s no better place to showcase that skill than in your life as an entrepreneur. You know how to research, figure things out and use your skills to the best of your ability, and that’s a quality that constantly comes in handy. 

#7 Ability to Work Hard

This one is pretty straightforward, but not everybody possesses an affinity for the grind. Moms are a completely different breed. There’s a reason why so many people call moms superheroes, and it’s because they know how to work hard and get things done like no other. 

#8 Teamwork Skills

Even if you don’t have a large gaggle of kids to rally on a daily basis, being a mom is a master class in teamwork. Whether you have a team of people working under you or a friend or family member helping you out from time to time, being able to delegate, work closely with others and function in a team setting is an asset in the business world.

#9 Knowing How to Prioritize

Being a mom comes with making tough — and sometimes, not so tough — choices. And running a business will put those prioritizing skills to use. Especially at the start of your entrepreneurial endeavors, you may have to make some tough calls, and doing that at home can work those skills and prepare you for the responsibility or running a business.

#10 Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Even with all of these skills and responsibilities that being an entrepreneur brings about, one of the best assets of motherhood in an entrepreneurial role is the ability to keep a level head, even when times are tough. Moms know how not to sweat the small stuff, and that can keep your business operations smooth while keeping stress to a minimum for you.

Being a Mom-trepreneur 

There are so many ways that being a mom can translate into real business savvy. No matter what kind of business you start and what kind of team you have behind you, motherhood can introduce the flexibility, hard work, creativity and compassion that are so important when running a business. Do you think that being a mom makes you a better entrepreneur?

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