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Helpful Tips For New Moms

Motherhood. The most natural, and yet utterly terrifying, prospect on the planet. Despite having nine months to prepare for your baby’s arrival those last few weeks and days are still likely to pass by in a panicked blur; is there anything you’ve forgotten? What was that one useful tip your own mother gave you? What the hell is that pump for again? From impossible onesie fasteners and complicated instructions for sterilizers, to a baby that refuses to sleep unless it’s held, the days and weeks ahead look set to get a whole lot more interesting. Just how prepared are you?

Helpful Tips For Moms

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Is It Normal Teenage Behavior, or a Crisis? Signs to Watch For

Living with teenagers isn’t always easy. Teens often struggle to manage their emotions and deal with all of the issues that come with being a young adult in today’s society. Not only are they dealing with all of the hormones and physical changes that come with being a teenager, but they are trying to figure out who they are and what they want from life — all while dealing with the pressures that come from school, family, friends, and the media.

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11 Ways Your Life Changes When You Have Your First Kid

You knew life was going you change when you found out a bundle of joy was on its way — you even had nine months of incremental changes to accustom your mind and soul to the new arrival — but now that the little one is here, in your arms, you can’t even imagine what life was like before your baby. For those struggling to remember life without kids and those looking forward to a life that is soon to be forever changed, here are the 11 most surprising ways new babies shake things up.

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Tips to Help Kids Eat Mindfully Over the Holidays

Tips to Help Kids Eat Mindfully Over the Holidays

Here are eight holiday tips to keep kids and adults feeling great while eating and afterwards. Remember children are great regulators of their eating if we set up an environment to support them: [Read more…]