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The Common Dangers Found In Your Child’s Toybox

As parents, keeping our children safe is our top priority. We know to keep them away from sharp knives, flames and water. We teach them the danger of strangers, to avoid dogs we don’t know and to look both ways when we cross the street. 

The Common Dangers Found In Your Child's Toybox

But, did you know that many child-related injuries are caused by the most innocent of objects? Objects that are meant to bring joy and happiness in the safety of our homes? It’s true. Many toys have been recalled over the years, either due to an accident, serious injury or simply because they don’t meet the safety standards put in place to protect us and our children from harm.  [Read more…]

Helping Teenagers Appreciate The Importance Of Safety Precautions

One thing most teenagers have in common is their ability to overlook danger. Some young people think they are invincible, but the following guide will help your teen appreciate safety precautions.

Helping Teenagers Appreciate The Importance Of Safety Precautions

Workplace Safety

Many employment opportunities available to teens require them to take certain safety precautions. Maybe your teen is working as a lifeguard at a pool or an apprentice on a construction site. Point out the importance of wearing flip flops or men’s work safety boots when on the clock. Stress the need to follow procedures and adhere to checklists. While teens often roll their eyes at wearing the proper attire and doing things by-the-book, they may think twice once the dangers are made clear and risks are put into perspective.  [Read more…]

Why Every Kid Needs Play

The next time your kids ask to play at a friend’s house, it’s best to let them have a little fun. Many parents underestimate what play can do for their children. Whether they like to build designs with blocks or create a show with dolls, it’s essential for kids to access dedicated playtime. That’s because play provides extensive benefits.

Why Every Kid Needs Play

Here’s why every child should experience playtime.

1. Play Builds Crucial Social Skills

Everyone makes friends at their own pace. If your kids aren’t exactly social butterflies, it’s okay. That said, it’s important for all children to socialize with their peers whenever possible. This time with others helps your children grow mentally and emotionally over time. They learn social-related skills like communication, teamwork and confidence. [Read more…]

Finding Ways To Relax As A Parent

Relaxation, especially as a parent, can be very hard to do. Time seems to constantly slip by without ever pausing, making it seem very hard to find a break in the day. Without these breaks, tension builds and can eventually lead to anger and frustration. So when the opportunity to relax and take a break, the opportunity needs to be seized and enjoyed to its fullest extent. Parents can look for these opportunities to find a state of peaceful bliss in their day to day life.

Finding Ways To Relax As A Parent


Sleeping may be the most obvious area where relaxation can be found; it is one of the most necessary for a relaxed lifestyle. Getting the properly prescribed hours of sleep every night is imperative to a person finding mental clarity and being relaxed throughout the day.  [Read more…]