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Clever Ways To Get Your Kids To Read More

In the past decade, average reading proficiency scores have steadily declined within the United States, leaving millions of kids without the necessary skills to learn and succeed. While medical and environmental factors may play a large part in low literacy levels, some kids simply don’t have a desire to pick up a book and read. As parents, it’s your job to inspire them, to show them that reading can be exciting and enjoyable. Easier said than done, right? 

Clever Ways To Get Your Kids To Read More

Luckily, there are myriad clever ways to get your kids to read more. Here are just a few. 

1. Schedule Reading Time

Your current schedule may include everything from sports practice to doing laundry, so where does reading fit in? If you have yet to dedicate an hour — or even a few minutes — to this essential activity, now’s the time to do it.   [Read more…]

4 Car Upgrades To Make If You Have Kids

Having kids changes practically everything about your life. It changes the way you set up your home, how you spend your free time and what you spend your money on. Another overlooked area that it changes is how and what you drive. When you have kids, you need to take other things into consideration in regards to your vehicle. You need to ensure that you’re not only driving a safe vehicle for your kids but that you’re prepared for any situation while you’re on the road. Below, we’ll outline 4 upgrades you should consider making to your vehicle if you have kids.

4 Car Upgrades To Make If You Have Kids

Rubber Floor Mats

One of the first things you should look at getting if you don’t have them already is rubber floor mats. Rubber floor mats are mats you can place over your existing carpeted floors. They’re a great addition to any car, as they can protect your carpet against all the grime that comes from shoes and any accidental spills. However, they become much more valuable when you regularly have kids in the car. Kids aren’t known for being particularly neat.  [Read more…]

Creative Family Activities To Try This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to bond with your family! With the kids out of school, they may be looking for things to do. For some inspiration, here are 10 fun family activities you should try this summer.  

Creative Family Activities To Try This Summer

1. Go Bird-Watching

This is a great way to get your kids outside and help them learn about nature. Getting outside is good for your physical and mental health. Being outdoors keeps your children active. It also has other health benefits, such as:  [Read more…]

5 Essentials To Help New Moms The First Few Weeks

Regardless of how old you are, becoming a new mom opens doors to one of the most important chapters in your life. Bonding with your new baby, taking care of their needs, and seeing them reach life milestones can bring an unmatched level of joy to your days.

5 Essentials To Help New Moms The First Few Weeks

But as you start taking care of your new baby, it can become a bit overwhelming to handle a responsibility you have not managed before. With that being said, keeping a few tips in mind can help you become familiarized with the demanding yet joyful requirements of motherhood.

To support you through this new phase of life, here are 5 essentials that can help new moms in the first few weeks.  

1. Baby Hygiene Products

Learning how your life changes with a baby is one thing, living through these modifications is another. No matter how prepared you might be with a crib, a stroller, or a mobile in the nursery, certain aspects of taking care of your baby can still catch you off guard.

One such demand comes in the form of baby hygiene. From diapers to wipes and everything in between, you absolutely need these essentials in order to take care of your baby’s basic needs.

If you are mindful of your impact on the environment with the use of disposable items, you can go for a set of eco-friendly baby products instead.

2. Baby Monitoring Devices

As you try to get acquainted with being a new mom, leaving your baby unattended might become your biggest fear for a while. Whether you are trying to make sure you don’t leave your baby crying or wanting to ensure you don’t neglect their needs, it can harbor constant stress on your mind.

To make sure that you don’t compromise your wellbeing for these thoughts, invest in a smart baby monitor.

By connecting to your phone, these devices can help you keep an eye on your baby without being present in the same room 24/7. This lets you take the required breaks you need to refresh your mind throughout the day.

3. Sleek Diaper Bag

Whether you want to balance working as a new mom and taking care of your baby or need to manage your routine as a stay-at-home mom, you may have to take trips outside of your home.

Going to the doctor, stopping by the store, or visiting a friend can all fall under the outings you might be undertaking. That is where you can do with a new diaper bag.

But instead of lugging around a typical bag for baby diapers that looks out of place, you should look into a sleek diaper bag that can double as your handbag. This ensures that you can easily manage longer outside trips without neglecting your baby’s needs.

4. Swaddle or Sleepsack

One of the cardinal rules of handling a new baby is that you should never leave loose blankets in the crib. It’s because loose blankets run the risk of covering your baby’s face and creating a hazard of suffocation.

But given that your new baby will still need warmth during sleep, you can invest in a newborn swaddle or sleep sack instead. Depending on your preference, you can choose from either type of these wrap blankets.

These sleeping solutions wrap around your baby without allowing for any loose fabric over their face. As a result, they ensure that your baby is warm and comfortable, without creating any safety hazards.

5. Comfortable Breast Pump 

A breast pump is a great accessory for breastfeeding mothers. If you have a healthy baby with a regular breastfeeding schedule, you are typically able to use a breast pump within the first 4-6 weeks. This provides you with an added convenience of storing milk within your free time.

Finding a comfortable breast pump can come at a relatively steep price tag. However, as long as you factor that expense into the overall cost of having a baby, you won’t be caught by surprise.

By keeping these essentials in mind, you can manage your time and efforts to give optimal care to your baby while also making life easier for yourself. This ensures that you can survive the first few weeks of motherhood without straining yourself too much.