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5 Super Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring

Farewell Winter! Daffodils and tulips are here, lambs are leaping around in the fields and getting up first thing on a morning isn’t quite so depressing – it’s official, Spring has sprung! Spring usually has us feeling all fresh and wanting to make a change, and it just makes us feel energized and ready to start something. So, why not put some of that energy into refreshing your home?

5 Super Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring

Winter really takes its toll on the family home; the excitement and intensity of the festive season alone seems to take an age to clear up after…not to mention muddy boots in the hallway, wet coats dripping onto the tiled floor, dirty pawprints all over the carpet and that’s just the inside. The outside of our homes takes a battering too! [Read more…]

7 Key Features Every Bathroom Should Have

You can live without a yard, a balcony, or even a living room in a home, but you can’t live without a bathroom in one. The bathroom is one of most, if not the most, important fixtures in a house. Considering how often a person uses the amenities inside, it would be impossible or at least incredibly difficult to live in a house without one. You can say that a home is not complete without a bathroom.

7  Key Features Every Bathroom Should Have

Similarly, a bathroom won’t be complete without these key features. [Read more…]

Practical Tips For Childproofing Your Kitchen

As any experienced parent can confirm, babies, toddlers and small children will get into anything and everything. Since little ones are perpetually curious, many parents are constantly taking steps to childproof potentially problematic areas. When working towards a kid-friendly home, it’s in every parent’s best interest to pay special attention to the kitchen. The average kitchen is home to a wide array of dangers that adventurous tots will need to be shielded from, and it behooves safety-conscious moms and dads to secure this area. Fortunately, making your kitchen safe for kids doesn’t have to be costly, stressful or time-consuming. Putting the following tips to good use will enable you to childproof your kitchen in a timely manner and provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

Practical Tips For Childproofing Your Kitchen [Read more…]

How Can a Home Warranty Help With Home Maintenance

Owning your home can be financially and emotionally rewarding, but it can also cause a lot of headaches. When something goes wrong with your home, you’re responsible for fixing it; there’s no landlord to call when you’re the homeowner. And even though you should always get an inspection before purchasing a new home, you still run the risk of buying a home with issues – or of having a major home appliance or system crap out right after you move in.

How Can a Home Warranty Help With Home Maintenance

A home warranty can help you repair or replace home systems and appliances, so the financial burden of keeping your home in good shape doesn’t overwhelm you. While a home warranty won’t cover everything that goes wrong with your home, it can help cover at least some of the cost of repairing or replacing major home systems and some appliances. Know the pros and cons of a home warranty before committing to one, and shop around to make sure you’re getting the warranty policy that best suits your needs.  [Read more…]