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Need A Career Change? Consider These 7 Jobs!

There comes a part in every woman’s life where she sits back to take stock and make plans for the future.

Need A Career Change? Consider These 7 Jobs!

This usually happens when the kids are older and moms find themselves with a bit more time on their hands, or after something big has happened in their life that has been a defining moment.  [Read more…]

How To Personalize Your Home Office

How To Personalize Your Home Office

Do you work from home? If so, you probably spend a whole lot of time in your home office. For those who work from home, their home office is where business gets done. Phone calls, emails, wheeling, and dealing all happens between those four walls. Your home office may just be one of the most important rooms in your house!  [Read more…]

Ways Employers Can Support Essential Workers During a Pandemic

If you didn’t already know how valuable your employees were to your business, hopefully, current times have enhanced your awareness. If not for their hard work and dedication, keeping your business alive in the middle of a global health crisis would be impossible. Despite the health and safety risks to themselves and those they love, they come to work diligently to continue servicing those in need.

Essential Workers During a Pandemic

As essential personnel goes above and beyond for your organization, it’s only right that business owners do more to show support during these uncertain times. Continue reading for solutions on how to express empathy and thanks to your team. [Read more…]

Considering Pursuing a DNP – How It Can Change Your Career Trajectory For The Better

Are you currently an RN who has been working in the field for years, or perhaps still relatively new to the position? Do you enjoy working in the healthcare industry, giving back to patients, and feeling as though you’re making a difference in people’s lives? While this is all wonderful, the fact is that once you become an RN, that doesn’t have to be the end of the road, and it doesn’t have to be your final career that you are stuck with until you’re ready to retire.

Considering Pursuing a DNP

For many RNs, there is that desire to keep pushing, to rise to the next level and truly master those more senior positions. So, how can you achieve this? This is exactly when it can be well worth your time to look into your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), which makes it possible for you to deliver that next level of care and service. But how exactly can a DNP change your career trajectory for the better? Let’s get more specific. [Read more…]