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I am a mom of four and happen to have a junior this year in high school. For the last few weeks all I have heard about is prom. Not only have I been hearing on TV and the internet, my daughter, the one that is a junior cannot stop talking about prom and prom dresses. She doesn’t even have a date yet, but she is wanting a dress…

Prom Prom Prom

In the past, we haven’t been that successful in finding the perfect dress at the stores local to me. Last year for homecoming it took me several stores to find both of my daughters in high school a dress that they would feel confident in for the evening.

For prom I am thinking of trying the online route. There are some really cheap prom dresses at JenJenHouse that I know my daughter would love. I know her style and I found a couple dresses I really like. My daughter was looking for something blue. I found this beautiful blue Princess Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading.

Blue Prom Dress from JenJenHouseThere are actually so many beautiful dresses on this site for great prices that I kind of wish it was me getting ready for prom. Here is another dress in a different shade of blue that I think would look good on my daughter.

JenJenHouse Prom Dress Blue

Both of these dresses are under $200 and definitely in my price range. What I need to do now is get my daughter’s measurements so we can make sure to get the right size. Since junior prom is just next month, I want to make sure I order a dress that is sure to fit her.

JenJenHouse has more than just prom dresses. To check out their selection of dresses, accessories and reception favors visit:

Which of the two dresses above would you choose?

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  1. wow that dark blue dress is absolutely amazing!! I wont have to be spending money on a prom dress for a long time but I hope JenJenHouse is still around when the time comes.

  2. Both dresses are beautiful but the dark blue dress is stunning. My daughter will be shopping for gowns soon, it’s good to know that there are reasonably priced options.

  3. I actually never made it to my prom, but the dresses back in the 90’s were hideous, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing ;)

  4. I can’t believe it’s almost prom season! I love that first blue dress!

  5. I love anything with sparkles! I wore a hot pink glitter dress to my prom! Oh my!

  6. teresa mccluskey says:

    I never went to prom but if I did I would so have shopped here! These dress are beautiful and affordable!

  7. I’ve got a few years before Prom Dresses, but these are gorgeous! I really love the low back/high front skirt cut and the blue color is fabulous!

  8. JenJenHouse has so many beautiful dresses for all occasions! Hard to decide which one to buy!

  9. Both dresses are beautiful! I bought my daughter’s prom dress last week and it was a painful process. We went to 12 different stores in 3 counties. At one store we told them we had a budget of $300 and were shown to the clearance section. We finally found a nice one at a nice price.

  10. love the bright blue dress! i’m all about vibrant colors

  11. Pretty soon it’ll be time for me to get my own daughter a prom dress – yikes! This looks like a great place to start looking!

  12. I love every single thing about that first dress. That looks like it’d be fun on the dance floor too.

  13. Both of those dresses are GORGEOUS! I love the lighter blue one more for Prom than the darker one but again both are gorgeous!!

  14. I love the dresses at Jenjenhouse. I plan on shopping there in April for the prom coming up.

  15. I am loving that light blue one! My prom dress was a similar color!

  16. ummmm, these are pretty – I’ll pass this on to someone Iknow that is getting ready for her prom this year

  17. I hope she has a fantastic time at prom. I’ve shopped JenJenHouse and enjoyed the styles, huge selection and easy sorting.

  18. I love that there is online shopping for prom dresses now. even if you end up buying in a brick and mortar shop, how nice to check out what is available online.

  19. The dark blue dress is so beautiful! I love it! You are right.. Looking at those dresses makes me wish I was the one getting ready for prom!

  20. Love both of the colors! They are gorgeous dresses. I didn’t go to prom, but had a beautiful teal dress that my auntie made for me.

  21. Marti Tabora says:

    This seems like a great place for anyone needing a prom dress. The dresses are really beautiful.

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