Wordless Wednesday – Pretty Flowers & Oscar

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So today I received some pretty flowers that The Suburban Mom sent my way for the Pay It Forward campaign from the Better Homes and Gardens line at FTD.com.

I will be posting more soon about these pretty flowers, but wanted to let her know that me and Oscar LOVE the flowers. Thanks Jen! :)

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  1. These flowers are beautiful! So nice of Jen to send them to you! (And hi to Oscar!)

  2. How sweet of her! They are beautiful! I just received the same from Nichol! <3 Oscar's a cutie!

  3. That was so sweet of her. I love the little monkey addition in there.

  4. What a touching thing to do! I’m sure that it made your day!

  5. Bobbie says:

    Pretty! It’s always nice to get flowers as a surprise!

  6. Those flowers are very beautiful!

  7. Such a nice gesture and the flowers are fabulous!

  8. They are lovely!

  9. How nice! I love Oscar!

  10. How pretty!

  11. Those flowers are very pretty! And the monkey’s pretty cute, too :).

  12. So sweet of Jen! And doesn’t Oscar look cute with flowers.

    I got some flowers too, except mine came from Nichol ;-)

  13. Beautiful flowers!

  14. Awe! Glad you like them Stefani! I hope they made you smile today! Sure looks like they made Oscar smile :)

  15. How beautiful. And he’s pretty cute too!

  16. That is so sweet!

  17. That is so flippin’ cute! I like flowers, but Oscar is adorable.

  18. How pretty! Oscar ain’t so bad himself. :)

  19. How awesome! i would love to send a blogger friend flowers!

  20. What a great idea, I love the flowers!

  21. how beautiful! Jen rocks!

  22. Those are beautiful photos

  23. flowers I meant flowers

  24. Nice. I love flowers.

  25. Those are beautiful but I like the chimp better!!

  26. So cute!

  27. Adorable! I love the flowers.

  28. Beautiful flowers! :)

  29. Love! Great picture

  30. Love this! beautiful photos :)

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