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Helpful Tips For New Moms

Motherhood. The most natural, and yet utterly terrifying, prospect on the planet. Despite having nine months to prepare for your baby’s arrival those last few weeks and days are still likely to pass by in a panicked blur; is there anything you’ve forgotten? What was that one useful tip your own mother gave you? What the hell is that pump for again? From impossible onesie fasteners and complicated instructions for sterilizers, to a baby that refuses to sleep unless it’s held, the days and weeks ahead look set to get a whole lot more interesting. Just how prepared are you?

Helpful Tips For Moms

Prior preparation prevents… [Read more…]

Is It Normal Teenage Behavior, or a Crisis? Signs to Watch For

Living with teenagers isn’t always easy. Teens often struggle to manage their emotions and deal with all of the issues that come with being a young adult in today’s society. Not only are they dealing with all of the hormones and physical changes that come with being a teenager, but they are trying to figure out who they are and what they want from life — all while dealing with the pressures that come from school, family, friends, and the media.

Mom and teenage son [Read more…]

11 Ways Your Life Changes When You Have Your First Kid

You knew life was going you change when you found out a bundle of joy was on its way — you even had nine months of incremental changes to accustom your mind and soul to the new arrival — but now that the little one is here, in your arms, you can’t even imagine what life was like before your baby. For those struggling to remember life without kids and those looking forward to a life that is soon to be forever changed, here are the 11 most surprising ways new babies shake things up.

Dad holding baby [Read more…]

Tips to Help Kids Eat Mindfully Over the Holidays

Tips to Help Kids Eat Mindfully Over the Holidays

Here are eight holiday tips to keep kids and adults feeling great while eating and afterwards. Remember children are great regulators of their eating if we set up an environment to support them: [Read more…]

Concentrate On Mind Games To Train Your Brain

Moms are at risk of losing their minds

Who could forget that intelligence-sapping side effect of having a baby – pregnancy brain?

Your once-lucid faculties turn to mush and you can’t remember your husband’s name or whether you went out shopping for milk or a new bed.

Once the baby arrives, many of us can’t wait to get our bodies back in shape. But it’s important to give your brain a workout too and recharge your razor-sharp wits. [Read more…]

Encouraging Independence: Top Tips and Advice

With a newborn baby around, it may seem like you will never have any time to yourself – feeling the constant need to spend every minute with them, either snuggled into you, or playing with them on their baby gym. However, encouraging a little independence, even from a young age, can be a great thing to do.

As they grow, they will be more inclined to spend time on their own, immersing themselves in whatever toy takes their fancy and enjoying their own company. Before that time comes, it may seem like they cry every time you leave the room and attachment issues may set in. Luckily, there are ways to improve the situation, by changing the way in which you do things and providing plenty of toys that promote independence.

If you give them some dedicated attention throughout the day, either with cuddles, tickles, playing with their toys or reading them a story, they will more than likely be more accepting of the times that your attention is elsewhere. You can’t spend every waking moment with them and, if you take them everywhere with you, to the kitchen or the loo for example, they will never learn to adjust to spending a little time on their own.

Provide her with toys that she hasn’t played with for a while. Rotate the toys that you have so that she doesn’t see certain ones for a while; when you rotate them and offer these ones to her, it’ll feel like completely new toys for her to play with.

Toys that help to promote independence vary with age and stage of development, but they can be anything from a baby gym, where they can learn to grasp at objects while improving their vision and co-ordination, to shape sorters and building blocks that can absorb their attention for a while.

Independence comes in many packages and, as your baby grows, they will demonstrate more willingness to do things themselves. From feeding themselves using a spoon for the first time, to insisting that they put the toothpaste on the toothbrush, it’s not all about providing them with plenty of toys to play with.

You can help to encourage independence through various means, many of which are bound to be ongoing rather than an immediate development. Your babe in arms doesn’t have to be in your arms all the time – encourage some solo play and promote independence and she will become a well-rounded child in no time.

Potty Training Readiness Checklist

One question that parents often ask when starting out with the potty training process is: Is my child ready for potty training? Well, believe it or not, there is no right age for potty training…

Some parents opt for early potty training, but this is not a guarantee that your child would learn how to use the potty instantly. In fact, you might be met with initial resistance if you insist on going through the training process even if your child is noticeably not ready yet.

So to make sure you’re not starting too early or too late, here is a quick list of some tell-tale signs of potty training readiness that you should look out for:

  1. Your child’s bowel movements are regular. This would save you time because you’d be able to tell easily when your child is about to ‘go’. You can also reduce potty accidents because you’d be able to anticipate each bowel movement.
  2. Your child shows interest in your bathroom habits. He curiously takes a peek whenever you have to relieve yourself. This is good because to potty train him, you’d simply have to indulge his natural curiosity.
  3. Your child can follow simple instructions. If he can follow simple instructions such as: be quiet, or please give me your toy, toilet training would be much easier.
  4. Your child gets irritated when his diapers get dirty. This is the perfect time to train him because he now recognizes the importance of being clean. Plus, if he hates being in dirty diapers, he has a powerful incentive to make an effort to stay clean.
  5. Your child’s motor skills are fully developed. Without a doubt, this is the most important factor in the checklist. Your child should be able to stand, sit down and walk with minimal supervision from you.
  6. Your child displays initiative. This can be simply in the form of picking up toys or trying to use a spoon to eat. The reason this is important is because then your child would want to be independent, and therefore he will want to learn new skills – like potty training.

This simple checklist gives you a snapshot view of your child’s potty training readiness. It is, however, imperative to know your child’s disposition, because some of the factors mentioned may or may not apply to him. Toilet training resistance is greatly reduced if you are closely attuned to your child’s needs.

Get Potty Trained – A website full of free information and tips on how to make the potty training process a lot easier than you thought possible. You’ll have all the information you need to make sure you can potty train your child in just one week.

Baby Names – Resources For Finding A Name For Your Baby

Are you pregnant and looking for a unique name for your baby? Below is a variety of baby name resources to help you find that perfect name for your child.

  • Baby Names Finder – This tool is provided by Babycenter and allows you to search baby names by sex, ethnic origin, number of syllables, plus starting and ending letters. They offer other free baby name resources as well.
  • Baby Name Inventor – Looking for a unique baby name? Use a wizard to generate suggestions by statistically analyzing real baby names from a database, then creating new letter combinations. Awesome baby name tool!
  • BabyNames.com – Search through a database over of 6,500 baby names and meanings.
  • Popular Baby Names – This is provided by the Social Security System. Search popularity by a given year and more. Neat tools.

Baby Food Recipes

Making and preparing baby food that is safe for your baby is no different then preparing the food for the rest of your family. Not only can you save money from buying expensive baby food, you also get to choose exactly what ingredients your baby is eating.

Safety Tips – Always have clean hands by washing your hands with soap and warm to hot water. Wash all your cooking utensils prior to cooking your meals. Then wash your raw foods.

Below are some resources we recommend checking out if you are wanting to make your own baby food.

Potty Training Resources

When your child shows the signs of potty training readiness, it’s time to begin introducing them to the potty. Most children are ready to begin potty training between the ages of 18 and 24 months but every child is different and will begin on their own. Below you fill find some helpful potty training resources.

potty training resources

Potty Training Resources

Looking for more resources? Below are some great articles published by mom bloggers that might help with your potty training journey!