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Why Working Out With Your Partner Can Be A Great Help

Whether your aim is to lose weight, build muscle or just generally get in better shape, working out with your partner can add a whole new dimension to your exercise regimen. Not only are many aspects of working out easier when your partner participates in the experience, but it’s also more fun exercising in tandem, and you can help each other with the most challenging moves to ensure that you both complete the full routine. While many people enjoy working out with friends, choosing to exercise alongside your partner means that you can integrate your home and gym routines and make fitness a satisfying part of your daily life as a couple.

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6 Tea-rrific Reasons Tea Boosts Your Health

It hardly matters why you have chosen to seek a healthier lifestyle; what does matter is how you take steps to achieve it. Working out day and night will not build the body you want unless you know how to perform the proper exercises. Likewise, cutting foods left and right from your diet won’t achieve much if you are inhibiting your body from receiving the nutrients it needs.

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The Biggest Beauty Myths We All Still Believe

Remember the advice our (well-meaning, but ultimately misguided) moms bestowed upon us as kids? Your hair will grow back thicker once you start shaving. And pulling out a gray hair will lead to 7 more in its place. We’ve all heard them. Now that we’re older, wiser, and have the Internet at our disposal, why not clear up some of those myths once and for all? Here are 5 favorites, busted for your enjoyment:

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How To: Post-Natal Skin Care

When it comes to having a baby, you are often told which skin care products you can and can’t use during your pregnancy. But what happens after the baby is born? Are we free to return to our highly effective Retinols? Does it really matter what we put on our skin? The short answer is: absolutely, but with certain stipulations.

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