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What Amateur Jewelry Makers Can Learn From The Professionals

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new skill that’s all about creating beautiful things, or you simply love jewelry and enjoy the idea of crafting some yourself, then you should consider making jewelry as a hobby. There are dozens of different techniques and strategies to learn, from creating chain-link jewelry to working with silver. The only limits are your budget and your imagination.

As a mom, you might even find your jewelry-making hobby blossoming into more than just a great way to unwind in between looking after the kids. Plenty of amateur jewelry makers have created and sold a range of beautiful pieces through sites such as Etsy. What better way to work from home than to make lovely trinkets all day?

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The Four Stages of a Career Setback

Over the course of your career, you’re bound to have a few startling setbacks. In my new book, A Leadership Kick in the Ass, I explain why setbacks and failures often provide valuable lessons that can actually enhance your career. Career butt-kicks share a four common stages, each of which is described below.

1. Comfortable oblivion: Prior to the setback, you are blind to your own behavior. Life is going swimmingly and you are blithely unaware of the impending insult. Oftentimes you are full of confidence. You can quickly marshal the facts that support the value you’re adding to the organization you serve. You view yourself as competent, aware, and deserving. [Read more…]

Treat Your Freelancing Career as a True Business

Remember when you had a nine-to-five job that was killing you? It messed with your internal circadian biological clock. It exhausted you, depressed you, and made you irritable most of the time. You had no time to exercise, unwind, or enjoy your family life.

It even forced you to ask heartbreaking questions about the meaning of life.

Working on a laptop [Read more…]

Four Leading Women in the Fashion Business

Fashion has always been a place for women to build excellent careers. The following four women have risen to incredible positions in their companies, and are leading fashion forward. From powerful CEOs to huge names in fashion design, there’s a lot you can learn about fashion from its most successful women.

Susan Itzkowitz for Marc Fisher Footwear

Susan Itzkowitz from Marc Fisher presides as president of the footwear company. Marc Fisher is a leading footwear company in the U.S., and is a manufacturer for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and GUESS. In the highly-competitive fashion footwear world, Susan has built a reputation as an intelligent businesswoman.

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